“I have chills with what is going on. You’re the angel in my corner, dude”

— Xander Demos, Publicity and Promotions, Management client

” You’re one of the most honest, hardest working people I’ve ever met in this business, and there aren’t many of those. My life is always in your hands.”

— Ed Roman, Publicity and Promotions client

“This has been a long-time dream, and I really appreciate what you’re doing for me. In such a short time, to get this much exposure is HUGE.”

— Doug Briney, Publicity and Promotions client, Management client

“Michael is the BEST .. not saying that to be saying it, but it’s true! He sends promo packs with perfect photo files, MP3 files, bio sheet, etc.. No going back and forth in many emails. He nails it in one email and I do the rest!”

–Kat Pat, Radio Host

” If I were an artist seeking representation, I would run to you like a moth to a flame. You are the personification of what a talent manager should be doing for his clients.”

–Priscilla Leona, Radio Host

“Michael, Michael, he’s the man if he can’t do it then nobody can!!”

–Amy Rose, Publicity and Promotions, Management client

“Thank you soooo very much for everything you have done thus far. We have just started but you have not ceased to amaze me each and every day, with your passion and dedication and just the pure effort you put into all you do. You inspire me to push myself that much further and I will always be sure to keep my shows of nothing but the highest quality.”

–Nik Pizzigoni, Host Of Whiskey And Cigarettes Radio Show

“It was a pleasure dealing with you as a manager. I wish those that called themselves managers and promoters in Kansas City did business the way you do.”

–Jon Freeman, owner Flywheel Coffeehouse, Kansas City, KS

“You are the man!! Thank you for everything you do for Josey!! We are very lucky to have you on our team Michael! We appreciate you more and more! You will never know…”

–Shelly Milner, Publicity and Promotions, Management Client (Josey Milner)

“I wanted to tell you, I have dealt with many PR companies and a lot of them don’t do anything. I am quite impressed with your delivery of the goods!

–T Dawn, Beyond The Dawn Radio

Michael Stover is one of the hardest working guys in the biz! He works hard for his clients!

–Michael Jack, record producer (Bono, Rush, Hillary Duff)

You totally rock!!! Having a team of cool people that get sh– done makes all the difference. I appreciate all you’ve done.

–Neil Turbin, original Anthrax vocalist, DeathRiders

Michael knows the business and he is an out standing manager of great talent. 3 thumbs up go out to him from our Team at CMG Global Radio and from me. Wish the business was filled full with guys like him!

–Jerry Cramer, CMG Global Radio

I want you to know how much I’ve appreciated your work on our behalf. The reviews you got for us have been especially helpful. It has been an honor and a pleasure to work with you.

–Beth Whitney, Publicity and Promotions client

The BEST male music manager in the business!

–Markos Papadatos, renowned journalist

Hooking up with you is the best thing I’ve done for my career. It’s been such a pleasure working with you.

–Hicks, Publicity and Promotions, label client

You’re definitely one of the best publicists I’ve ever worked with.

–Cody Murphy, Host, Weekdays With Murph

I typically don’t listen to Country music, but …all of the Country artists from Michael Stover‘s MTS Management Group have thoroughly impressed me for sheer all-round quality.

–Rick Jamm, Jamsphere Magazine

I have never had so many great artists on my show before. Thank You Mike for 1, taking them serious, and 2, introducing them to me. You have no idea how touched I have been.

–Dave Hernandez, WQSJ Radio

This is why I like and tell people to deal with you: I get a nice package, no extra work, you make my job easy- not a pain. You’re the best…I see the rest in action.

–Tom Dowswell, Cottage Country Radio

Thanks to you we got a lot of mileage with minimal effort on our parts….its been going VERY well!

–Kyle Kruger, Director, Hair I Go Again

There’s no substitute…the best of the best!

–TJ Leonard, Radio Promo/Publicity client

I’ve dealt with my share of managers/management companies in the past 3 1/2 years and I have to say, you rank right up there with the best of them.

–Cody Murphy, Host, Weekdays With Murph

It’s clear you’re running a professional organization there, and that you’re working hard at it.

–Walter Sabo, CBS Radio

Any show would be lucky to have MTS Artists….classy,fun talented bunch! Great work as always Michael Stover

–Jeff Porrini, The Stoop

I’ve been friends with Michael for 4 years now and he ALWAYS sends me the very best in indie country. You’re the bomb, Michael

–Ron “The Wolf” Reed, WBTN 1370 AM

Michael Stover is the ONLY independent representative I recommend. He actually works his ass off and has the best interests of his clients at heart.”

–David Lowry, The Lowry Agency

I am constantly impressed by how you promote your artists and the professionalism artists gain by being represented by you. Keep doing you!!

–Colt Chambers, President of International Music and Entertainment Association

Thank YOU MTS Management Group/MTS Records for everything! For taking me on when no one else would. You are a tremendous human being Michael Stover. Please know how appreciated you are.

–Cherish Lee, 2018 Billboard Magazine Country Artist to Watch

I wanted to thank you everything you’ve been doing. It means a lot that you believe in my music and me as an artist to want to put your name next to mine when you promote it.

–Phillip Broussard, publicity and promotions client

I love, love, love MTS Management!!!

–The Fierce Female Network, Top rated radio show

Well done, for getting our name out there. We’re so glad that we signed with you.

–Fitzsimon and Brogan, publicity and promotion client, Eurovision semi-finalists

Words cannot express how grateful we are for the services you provided us. We have nothing but praise to offer in return for your hard work.

–Christa Deana, publicity and promotion client

You only work with The Best. I’ve known that for awhile.

–Tim Kelly, Indie Country Radio

Yes monumental! Omg! Thank you so much for all you do. You are the best!

–Clayton Morgan, Publicity and Promotions client




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