Nashville Indie Alt-Rocker Shane Scheib Announces September 13th Release Of “Fast Friends” EP

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Shane Scheib – Fast Friends EP


Indie rock. Brooding baritone. Vintage guitar. Modern production.

Shane Scheib is an indie artist based in Nashville, Tennessee. His music expertly blurs the lines between the energy of alternative rock and the verve of indie-pop.


A creative and forward-thinking performer, Shane is known to produce music with an open heart and an open mind, bridging the gaps between clever arrangements and emotional lyrical wit. His distinctive guitar playing is also the result of lots of labor and dedication: when he was 13, Shane fell in love with the mastery and incredible ability of Stevie Ray Vaughn. He watched the bluesman’s legendary live performances on video repeatedly, eventually mastering the blues and rock formula. Later, he took it to the next level as a trained jazz guitarist with a versatile mindset, incorporating influences as diverse as folk, pop and rock into his music.

Shane Scheib’s music is a lot like his humor: it’s witty, playful, and a little introspective at the same time. In his own words, “Fast Friends sounds like Bono Imagined Dragons while playing guitars that had White Stripes and Silversun Pickups; it was Fun.”

One of the most striking and endearing features of Shane’s sound is definitely his ability to create songs that are challenging and diverse, yet extremely catchy and easy to relate to for a broad palette of listeners.

Shane’s upcoming EP, “Fast Friends”, will be released on September 13th, and it will be available through iTunes and Spotify.

Find out more and let the songs tell you the rest of Shane’s story:





PO BOX 40055

Nashville, TN 37204




“W&C Show” Welcomes Top 60 Music Row Chart Artist Alexandra Demetree

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentW&C (Whiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show) is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with Top 60 Music Row charting artist, Alexandra Demetree.  Ms. Demetree joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni, to talk about her burgeoning career, including her latest single, “You Still Think I’m Beautiful.”
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Award-Winning Canadian Musician Raises Funds For Schools, Orphanages And Safe Houses In Tanzania

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Ed Roman LIVEIf it’s one thing that award-winning Canadian musician Ed Roman can claim, it’s that he puts his money where his mouth is. Known for the socially-conscious messages in his globally-aware songs like “I Am Love,” “Lay One Down” and “I Found God,” the chart-topping artist is not shy about giving back to those less fortunate.  In the spring of 2015, Roman and his wife delivered humanitarian aid and taught music to villages in the poorest sections of Jamaica.  Later that year, Ed recorded and donated a track to Heart Songs for Veterans, to benefit military and service members across North America. Ed has also donated music and raised funds for childrens’ cancer charities and more. Read More

REVIEW: The Spiders – Election Day (Single)

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sp2The Spiders – “Election Day” (Single)


 What better way to celebrate an election year in the United States than with a cheeky, in your face, shut-up your pie hole song? In true punk form Nick DeStefano and The Spiders have delivered a spot on tag entailing their point of view in a ‘patriotic’ (that is sarcasm) depiction in the tune and video called, “Election Day.”

The scraping, the name calling, the stadium of goofiness and the overhaul of what used to be respectable but has now been made a mockery of as the United States looks like the chief buffoon! All of this falderol is tightly wrapped up into a tribute or cheers of sorts to this process very well in the lyrical content and video imagery DeStefano and The Spiders have put together.​

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“W&C Show” Welcomes Tim Rossi Of Legendary Southern Rock Band, Blackfoot

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentW&C (Whiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show) is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with Tim Rossi, lead guitarist and vocalist for the next generation of the legendary Southern Rock band, Blackfoot.  Mr. Rossi joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni, to talk about the band’s history, the passing of the Blackfoot baton from founder, Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Rickey Medlocke, and the brand new album, Southern Native.
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Ohio-based Indie Country Music Hall Of Famer Richard Lynch Tops World’s First Indie Country Chart

August 13, 2016  |  No Comments

richard 103His music has topped traditional country airplay charts around the world, including New Music Weekly, Roots Music Report, the Netherlands-based Country Music Chart Top 40 and others. His sold-out fundraising performances have raised thousands of dollars for his veterans charity, Love Tattoo Foundation. In 2015, he was inducted in to the Independent Country Music Hall of Fame.  Now, Richard Lynch has topped the World’s First Independent Country Music Chart, IndieWorld, with his latest single, “A Better Place.” Read More

Stuart Styron Announces August 20th Release Of New Album “Archive Of A Last Generation”

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Archive_Of_A_Last_Generation_1920_1080_Stuart_Styron__FrontcoverOn August 20th, 2016, German actor, composer and chief of “A Leaving Reality Production,” Stuart Styron will be releasing his latest album, Archive of a Last Generation. Originally recorded in 2009-10, and revised from August 2015-16, the incredibly strong and powerful album is dedicated to the Aramean history.  As the son of Aramaic parents, Styron says, “The soundtrack would fit perfectly to today’s force of Aramaic consciousness, compared to the usual stale folk music. Look forward to a piece of history.” The album will initially be released digitally, worldwide, followed by a physical CD release. Read More

Canadian Indie Folk Trio Prairials Talks Touring, Toronto, And “The Strange Folk”

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prairialsPrairials is an Indie Folk trio based out of Toronto, Ontario. Comprised of three brothers originally from Saskatchewan’s smallest city, the group had released their debut album and toured across Canada within five months of their inception just over a year ago. Armed with a banjo, upright bass and keyboard, Prairials combines electronic and folk music to create a truly unique sound. They recently took time out from their busy schedule to talk about touring, Toronto and their latest album release, The Strange Folk.

Producer Juan Donovan Talks Indie Artists, ‘Pulp Fiction’ And ‘Sophisticated Ignorance’

August 11, 2016  |  No Comments

juan donovanAs one half of the production duo Darkroom Productions, Juan Donovan has produced with his partner Jamal Roberts dozens of some of today’s hottest artists. That list includes R Kelly, Wale, Young Money, Maino, Kidd Kidd, Brick Squad (BSM), Bad Boy, and more. The duo also won multiple awards for its ground breaking work on HBO’s classic series “The Wire” and MTV’s #1 show “Rob & Big”.   Juan has just released two singles featuring hot new talent from Juan’s hometown of Baltimore: “I Got Us” featuring D. Carter and “On The Low” featuring Emellodee.  More singles are on the way with an album release day scheduled for Thanksgiving 2016.  In the meantime, Juan just hopes to continue to entertain and pump out quality music which crosses multiple genres.  Donovan took a few minutes out of his busy production schedule to talk to us about his latest projects: Read More

From MuzicNotez: Lockjaw Smile new rock EP ‘The Jester’

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LockjawSmileLockjaw Smile is an alternative rock band out of Boston, Massachusetts. The four piece have created a real original sound all their own. Hard hitting guitar riffs perfectly entwined with the backbone drumming will get your rock fist up in a hurry. The lyrics are well written, and singing is perfectly harmonized.

Their latest EP is entitled ‘The Jester’. The whole thing is a real fun listen front to back. Not overproduced like everybody seems to do these days, raw rock at its finest. Musicians perfectly grouped together, having fun rocking out, gotta love it!