Eddy Mann And Madelyn Victoria Win At February Akademia Awards

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16864490_602510776610174_3687073303310668452_nMTS Management Group is pleased to announce Eddy Mann and Madelyn Victoria are winners in the February 2017 Akademia Awards. Mann, an inspirational singer-songwriter from Philadelphia, won for Best Christian/Gospel Song, “The Consequence.” Madelyn Victoria, a Harlingen, Texas, country singer-songwriter, won for Best Country Song, “Wild Ride.”  She is a previous Akademia Award winner for Best Country Song, “He Only Loves Me on the Dance Floor.” This is the first win for Mann. Read More


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april 1 - 3 (1)Since the release of his 2013 debut album, The Last of a Dying Breed, Richard Lynch has been blazing a groundbreaking trail and leaving a legacy of “real” traditional country music in his wake. In 2015, Lynch solidified his place as one of country’s most original and authentic artists with the release of his breakthrough album, A Better Place. The album’s title track became a #1 AM/FM airplay chart single and was named the #1 True Country Song of 2016, according to Roots Music Report. Lynch followed this enormous success with a smoldering pair of radio single releases: his blue collar anthem, “We’re American Proud” and “Love Tattoo,” a duet with country star, Ronnie McDowell.  The latter was released as a benefit for the Love Tattoo Foundation, an organization founded by Lynch.

Now, after months of endless travel and touring, including an extensive two-month Texas tour, and countless hours spent in Nashville-area studios, Richard Lynch is about to embark on his most ambitious album release to date… Read More

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes Back Country Music Legend, Charlie Daniels

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their press conference interview with country music legend, Charlie Daniels. Mr. Daniels joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni, at the press conference for his Volunteer Jam/Birthday Bash in Nashville.  Tune in to hear what question DJ Nik asked the living legend.
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Producer And Fashion Icon R0 Bradley Talks Music And Style In Exclusive Interview

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R0 Bradley is a music producer and fashion icon from London, UK, who has his first major label release coming up in 2 months.  He’s currently working with Ben Davis on his remix, “All I Ever Needed.”  R0 took some time out of his busy schedule to talk to us in this exclusive interview…

MTS: Thanks for taking the time to speak with us R0. Let’s start with the name…You have an unusual way of writing it, using a “0″ instead of an o. What is the meaning behind it, and what is your given name, if you care to share it?

RB: Thank You Michael! I do actually have an interesting story behind R0 Bradley, in Canada (which is my favorite country) I have a family mystery behind the Bradley family from St Catherine’s, long story short Bradley is my middle name, ‘Rowan Bradley Clarke’ and there is a developing mystery behind the family, would have to tell you on another day! Im getting a few messages saying people like the ‘R0′ so i’m going with it!

MTS: You are from London, UK, which has always been a hotbed of music and fashion talent. How has being from London influenced your music and your fashion style?

RB: I was actually working in a studio in East London for while so it caught on, I’m always interested in new styles and London is definitely a good place to see the fashion industry, it definitely influenced my style and music over the time I was there.

MTS: Who were your musical influences growing up?

RB: My dad brought me up on Led Zeppelin so that says it all, growing up I was obsessed with Classic Rock, Dire Straits, AC/DC, Guns n Roses etc, but in the 90s I did also have an N’Sync cassette so…

MTS: You have quite a following on social media. What role has social media played in your success? Is it as important as most artists think? Where do you think social media will be in 5 years?

RB: Yea my Facebook page is unreal, I actually set it up in 2015 and I got quite savvy with Facebook specifically, most of the followers are from Asia where I actually starred in a TV show when I was 18! Yes single handly social media has been the way I have reached the majority of the people that have heard my music, or just following my journey.

MTS: You recently did a track with Demokracy, called ” B.E.A.S.T.” Tell us about that collaboration.

RB: Beast is the first of many with this incredibly young talented producer from India called Demokracy, I predict hes going to be one of the biggest Indian artists in the next 10 years. The track is big room house smash which could still light up dance floors! just a few years too late so we decided to give this one away for free!

MTS: Your dad passed away about a year or so ago. Was he a major role model in your life? What was one thing that he taught you that impacted you the most?

RB: This is the hardest question for me, its actually just been 6 months so yea its just unbelievable, he was my biggest influence to me in many ways and by far the kindest man I know, I could talk about him forever but he would tell me to get back to work, there are too many things he taught me that impacted me the most, however he taught me to never give up on my dreams and im really glad I haven’t done that yet.

MTS: You have been known for wearing some incredible fashions. How did you get into modeling, and which do you like more, modeling or music?

RB: I fell into modeling accidentally but I really didn’t want to get a real job…. I’ve worked for companies in from Hong Kong to London so it’s been cool, really I just wanted to go on movie sets, I never thought I would be in front of the camera, I feel like the whole industry is entwined as I got into TV and Music through modeling and ultimately I knew that is where I wanted to be. I am working very closely with London startup Hyamm Attire, we have some incredible material and an amazing designer so I hope to be wearing some very comfortable clothes from them very soon, massive future brand to look out for! remind me to send you some free clothes!

MTS: What was it like, when you heard your music on the radio for the first time?

RB: Well on a legit radio station…. I almost cried when I heard my debut single on BBC introducing, couldn’t believe it was real, just wanted to call my dad!

MTS: Your latest project is with Ben Davis, “All I Ever Needed.” Tell us about the release.

RB: Ben Davis has been bugging me to remix him for a while now, and i’m glad he did, its actually a big summer hit I believe, we were lucky enough to work with Grammy-nominated Ariel Chobaz on this one, the music video will be out in the next few weeks!

MTS: Outside of music and fashion, what does R0 Bradley enjoy doing? 

RB: I am a big sports player, I was tennis captain at my uni, also I love football (soccer) can’t wait till summer so I can play again, other than that I would call myself a movie enthusiast, I also follow the markets closely and trade, and this year I want to get back into Tv and Film.

Thank you so much R0!  Best wishes for an incredible new release…and I’ll look for those free clothes very soon!

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes New Music Awards Nominee, Hicks

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with Swedish country rocker and 2017 New Music Awards nominee, Hicks. Hicks joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni, to discuss his burgeoning career and his current hit single with Steve Wariner and Ryan Wariner, “Stomp A Little Louder.”
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Inspirational Chart-Topper Eddy Mann Releases New Single And Lyric Video For “All I Need Is You”

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Chart-topping inspirational singer-songwriter Eddy Mann has announced the release of his latest single and lyric video for “All I Need Is You.” The song is the second single from his critically acclaimed album, The Consequence. It is the follow-up single to his Top 10 Christian Music Weekly chart single of the same name. Watch the official lyric video for “All I Need Is You” at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0zghHIyrOMk&feature=youtu.be. Read More

Who’s Behind That Mask? Introducing International Recording Artist Mrs. X

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Mrs_X_BeingBlack_BeingBlueMrs. X  is a pop singer, songwriter and music producer with a multicultural background. Her ancestors come from Holland, Azerbaijan and the Dominican Republic. She currently lives in Germany. Mrs. X is a very private person, who does not divulge any information about her personal life. Her date of birth and her real name are not officially known. She never sets foot on a stage without her trademark mask. The artist took her inspiration from “Circus Princess”, a light opera by Emmerich Kalmans, which tells the story of the talented acrobat Mr. X who never reveals his real name. Whenever he appears in public, he wears a mask in order to protect his private life. Before launching herself into music, Mrs. X received a well-founded musical education. At the same time she also studied law and another course. It was during her University years that she discovered her love for Jazz, which prompted her career as a Jazz singer. Read More

Hicks With Ryan & Steve Wariner, “Whiskey And Cigarettes” Nominated For 2017 New Music Award

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Hicks-TireMTS Management Group is happy to announce Swedish country chart-topper Hicks, with Ryan and Steve Wariner, has been nominated for Best Country Group at the 2017 New Music Awards. Their hit single, “Stomp a Little Louder” is currently in the New Music Weekly Top 10. Fellow MTS client, “Whiskey And Cigarettes” country radio show has been nominated for Best Internet Radio Station, an honor they won in 2015. Nominated for Best New Country Artist are Star 1 Records’ Juliana Lawrence and Bryan James, both of whom had New Music Weekly chart hit singles co-promoted by MTS. Read More

Introducing Italian Singer-Songwriter Waira

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14716190_1812325992315989_574273128666404771_nOur friends at AnyLouder.com introduced us to Camilla Cristofoletti, born in 1996, a young indie/folk/pop singer-songwriter known as “Waira”. “Waira” refers to the spirit of the wind; she was named so by a man of an Inca tribe, whom she met in July 2015. Her audience really appreciates her unique voice, which has similarities to  Fiona Apple and Norah Jones. The “Under A Black Hat” EP was released november 15th, the day of her 20th birthday. The EP was produced in collaboration with the independent label Vivarecords, arranged by Mattia Mariotti and Marco Facchin. Waira took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to speak with us. Read More

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes Country Superstar Chris Stapleton

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their press conference interview with country music superstar, Chris Stapleton. Mr. Stapleton joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni, during the press conference for Charlie Daniels’ Volunteer Jam/Birthday Bash in Nashville.  Tune in to hear the award-winning, chart-topping singer-songwriter talk with DJ Nik!
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