Whiskey And Cigarettes Show Welcomes Award-winning Singer/Songwriter, Tony Watson

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with Artists Music Guild Award-winning singer/songwriter, Tony Watson.  Mr. Watson joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about his career, including his recent homeless-awareness single release, “My Still Small Voice.” Read More

Canadian Singer/Songwriter Billy Grima Tops Most Watched Videos Chart With Military Tribute

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picture of you and me cover 2MTS Management Group is happy to announce Billy Grima’s music video for “Picture of You and Me” has reached Number One on the Yallwire.com Most Watched Yallturative Videos chart. Grima’s tribute to military members comes in ahead of videos by Kid Rock, The Cains, Jimmy Buffett w/ Toby Keith and Craig Campbell.  This is Grima’s first Number One on Yallwire.com. His video is also number six on the All-Genre chart.  To view both charts, visit http://www.yallwire.com/topvideos/yallturnative.html. Read More

CD Review: The Wild Waiting – Stay Gold

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ww2The Wild Waiting – Stay Gold

 URL: http://thewildwaiting.com/

We live in a cluttered world. The Information/Internet Age has inundated our lives with every conceivable entertainment flavor spanning over countless genres and sub-genres. It’s impossible to sift through it all and, as a result, it’s more incumbent than ever before that new bands quickly find a niche and develop a core audience. While the rules for sustaining success have changed, discovering that niche and building a core audience is harder than ever before. Many get one sustained shot and, if they fail, that’s curtains. A few bands are talented enough to strike the right chemistry and emerge full-flower on their debuts. The first release from The Wild Waiting, an EP entitled Stay Gold, fits the latter mode.

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Alabama Country Rocker Donica Knight Makes “Bama Country 98.9″ History With “Love Ain’t a Prize”

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Donica Knight - Love Aint a Prize coverMontgomery, Alabama native and country rock singer/songwriter, Donica Knight is happy to announce that her single, “Love Ain’t a Prize” has been added to the regular rotation on Bluewater Broadcasting’s 100,000 watt juggernaut WBAM, “Bama Country 98.9.” Donica becomes the first local artist since Jamey Johnson’s “In Color,” to be added to the station’s playlist. Donica will join legendary host, Bubba, on Tuesday, February 2nd, 2016 at 8am local time, to talk about her single and album. Donica will also share another track from the album release, “Stomp.” “Love Ain’t a Prize” begins airing on Wednesday, February 3rd, at 6pm. Read More

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes “Swingin’” Country Star, John Anderson

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with “Swingin’” country music star, John Anderson.  Mr. Anderson joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about his illustrious career, including his recent album release, Goldmine, and his current single, “Don’t Forget to Thank the Lord.” Read More

CD Review: The Stollers – “Stationary Sun”

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stollersThe Stollers – Stationary Sun

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/TheStollers/

Cohesiveness doesn’t come easy. Too many albums today are hit or miss grab bags of songs lacking much overarching focus but with ambition to burn. It’s unquestionably a matter of talent. However, experience plays a key role as well. If you haven’t found your artistic vision of thousands of gigs and ten thousand broken guitar strings, it’s likely not yours to claim. If you possess innate skill, set out on that road, and endlessly woodshed your craft over the years, you’ll likely evolve into  a first rate artist with the confidence and technique to splash paint across the canvas however you wish. The Stollers aren’t new to songwriting and their first collection, Stationary Sun, is a perfect example of what two expert writers can accomplish working in collaboration.

Stationary Sun opens with an optimistic, almost spiritual track, “Into the Brand New Day”. Using the word spiritual implies many things, but this certainly isn’t an artful example of canned Christian platitudes, but instead a quasi-hymnal merely looking forward to a brighter tomorrow. The Stollers introduce listeners from the outset to their mode of composition – they aren’t shy about fusing various instrumental textures into a larger whole and, as a result, their songs echo with impressive completeness. There’s a refreshing lack of overindulgence in their performances as well – everything has a reason. This quality carries over to the album’s second track, “Only a Penny”, and borrows much of the same deliberate, but finely tuned, dedication to melody and structure. “Loredana” covers familiar lyric ground with a reasonable amount of originality, but the song’s musical strength helps lift it out of the ordinary.

Things take a sharp stylistic turn with “Culture War”. Any notions of the duo working as a strictly traditional pair go out the window here. It’s a strongly topical work, but the lyrical content bristles with such denunciatory eloquence many will forgive its topical bent. Once again, however, a dazzling arrangement grounds things while simultaneously  propelling them into the atmosphere. “Between the Sun and the Moon” beguiles listeners with a careful, nuanced arrangement and superbly poetic lyrics. It is another low-fi turn on decidedly thoughtful work and some listeners might long for an added shot of urgency, but it will enchant more with its beautifully rendered musical moods they invoke. “Without Your Love” has a distinctly country music feel and the same understated grace characterizing the other material. It kicks it up a notch for the chorus and drops in some lean guitar fills for good measure. The Stollers explore their experimental side for a final time on “The Two Julians” and the wildly imaginative, if sometimes disjointed, arrangement matches the lyric and vocal well.

It’s a safe bet few albums anyone hears this year will touch all the bases like Stationary Sun. The Stollers are content to revisit well-worn subject matter on some tracks, but their musical aplomb is considerable. They draw from a wide range of sounds for these songs and rarely fall back on predictable twists or sonic clichés. Let’s hope we don’t have a long wait for their second release – few artists in indie music, or otherwise, burn with such brilliance.

PURCHASE LINK: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/stationary-sun/id1057775510

8 out of 10 stars.


Lance Wright


“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes “Hee Haw Honey” And Mandrell Sister, Irlene Mandrell

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with model, TV star, “Hee Haw Honey” and Mandrell Sister, Irlene Mandrell.  Ms. Mandrell joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about her illustrious career, working with her sisters Barbara and Louise, and her recent country chart single, “We Will Stand.” Read More

CD Review: Sarah Morris – Ordinary Things

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sm6Sarah Morris – Ordinary Things

URL: http://sarahmorrismusic.com/

Twin City native Sarah Morris cooks up a hot brew of folk, country and root diggin’ blues on her latest release Ordinary Things. Not only can Sarah sing and play, but writes all of the tunes. It’s great to hear a singer with her vocal talent be actively involved in every part of the process. Such a thing makes for most honesty in the lyrics and composition of the music in general. There’s just the right balance of edge and sweetness contained within the album’s ten tracks with Morris’ soothing singing a focal point throughout. She even proves herself as an accomplished belter whenever the guitars dip into electric textures. Read More

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes Marlon Hargis From #1 Billboard Band, Exile

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive interview with Marlon Hargis, keyboard player for Billboard chart-topping band, Exile. Mr. Hargis joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about the band’s latest tour and their biography, 50 Years of Exile: The Story of a Band in Transition. Read More

Whiskey And Cigarettes Radio Show Nominated For 2016 New Music Awards

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentMTS Management Group is happy to announce the Whiskey and Cigarettes (W&C) country radio show has been nominated for Best Internet Radio Station at the 2016 New Music Awards. W&C joins Taylor Swift, Zac Brown Band, Chris Janson, Dierks Bentley, Luke Bryan, Miranda Lambert, and a who’s who of country, top 40, AC and College music stars, among the nominees.  W&C was named Best Internet Radio Station at last year’s awards. Read More