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MTS Management Group is more than just an artist management/publicity/promotions company…It is where INDIE artists get MAJOR exposure! Specializing in full-service artist management, publicity and promotions, radio and social media campaigns for new and established independent artists and indie labels, MTS Management Group and MTS Records are on the cutting edge of today’s new music business.

Founded in 2010 by Award-winning songwriter, musician and producer, Michael Stover.   A music industry veteran of over 30 years, Michael is a graduate of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, with a degree specializing in the Music and Video business.  Michael has used that education to gain a wealth of experience within the industry: from retail music manager and DJ, to two-time Billboard Magazine Contest winning songwriter, performer and chart-topping producer, and finally, artist manager, publicist, promoter and label president.  Capitalizing on his knowledge of all facets within the industry, Michael and MTS Management Group have become THE Independent Artist Management, Publicity and Promotions firm and record label.


Michael Stover and MTS Management Credits


–Country Music Association (CMA)
–Grammy Recording Academy (NARAS)
–Independent Country Music Association (ICoMA)
–European Country Music Association (ECMA)
–CMG Radio Affiliate
–Roots Music Association
–International Music And Entertainment Association (IMEA)
–Nashville Universe
–Inspirational Country Music Association (ICM)
–New Country Music Association (NCMA)



–2015 Indie Music Channel Awards Winner, Hicks (Best Country Video)
–2015 Indie Music Channel Awards Winner, Ed Roman (Best Folk Male, Best Folk record)
–2015 Midwest Music Awards Nominee, Josey Milner (Best Country, Best Song)
–2015 Nashville Universe Awards Nominee, Michael Stover (Best Manager)
–2015 Nashville Universe Awards Nominee, Matt Williams/Alyssa Morrissey (Best Duo)
–2015 New Music Awards Winner, Whiskey and Cigarettes Show (W&C) (Best Internet Radio)
–2015 New Music Awards Nominee, Jiggley Jones (Country Breakthrough Artist)
–2015 New Music Awards Nominee, Hicks (New Country Band)
–2015 New Music Awards Nominee, Western Avenue (New Country Band)
–2015 New Music Awards Nominee, Bradford Loomis/Beth Whitney (New Country Band)
–2015 New Music Awards Nominee, Matt Williams/Alyssa Morrissey (New Country Band)
–2015 International Acoustic Music Awards Winner, Bradford Loomis/Beth Whitney
–2015 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards, Xander Demos (Best Guitarist)
–2015 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards, Xander Demos (and XDB) (6 nominations)
–2015 New Country Music Association, Doug Briney (Best Male Artist Nominee, Best Video, Best New Artist)
–2015 New Country Music Association, Josey Milner (Best Female Artist Nominee, Best New Artist)
–2014 No Depression Readers Poll Top 100 Best Albums, Jiggley Jones and Ed Roman
–2014 Mountain Stage NewSong Contest, Bradford Loomis/Beth Whitney (National Finalist)
–2014 Wildhorse Independent Superstars Hall of Fame Induction
–2014 CMG Radio Awards, Western Avenue (Group of the Year)
–2014 CMG Radio Awards, Marshall Dane (Male Entertainer of the Year)
–2014 CMG Radio Indie Artist Manager of the Year
–2014 IMEA Awards Winner, Whiskey And Cigarettes Show (Best Internet Radio Show)
–2014 IMEA Awards Winner, Ed roman (Best AC Artist)
–2014 IMEA Awards Winner, Jiggley Jones (Best AC Song)
–2014 IMEA Awards Winner, Doug Briney (Best Video)
–2014 IMEA Awards Winner, MTS Management Group (Best Manager)
–2014 IMEA Awards Nominations – 21 total nominations!!!
–2014 AMG Heritage Awards Nominations – 7 nominations
–2014 Artists In Music Awards Nominations – 5 nominations
–2014 ICoMA Awards Win, Marshall Dane, Best Live Performance “Alcohol Abuse”
–2014 ICoMA AWards Win, Hicks, Best International Artist
–2014 Independent Country Music Association Awards (ICoMA) Nomination- 14 total nominations!
–2014 Midwest Music Awards Nominations – 3 nominations
–2014 New Music Awards Nominations- 4 nominations
–2014 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards, Xander Demos (12 nominations and 8 wins)
–2014 Nashville Universe Award Winner, Amy Rose (Best Music Video)
–2014 Nashville Universe Award Winner, Western Avenue (Best Vocal Group)
–2014 Nashville Universe Award Winner, DJ Nik (International Radio Personality)
–2014 Nashville Universe Awards nominations for Amy Rose (2,) Josey Milner, Doug Briney, Western Avenue, and Nik Pizzigoni
–2014 Nashville Universe Award Winner, Best Manager
–2014 Nashville Universe Awards nomination, Best Record Label
–2013 IMEA Artist Manager of the Year, MTS Management Group
–2013 IMEA Country Entertainer of the Year, Amy Rose
–2013 IMEA Songwriter of the Year, Jiggley Jones
–2013 IMEA Nominations for Xander Demos, Josey Milner, Amy Rose, Jiggley Jones and Western Avenue
–2013 CMG Radio Awards, Best Manager, MTS Management Group
–2013 Ontario Country Music Association Nominee, Amy Rose
–2013 ICMA Nominations – 6 nominations
–2013 ICMA Award, Emerging Artist, Amy Rose
–2013 ICMA Award, Best Live Performance, Doug Briney
–2012 Iron City Rocks Award Nominations (5),  Xander Demos
–2012 ICMA Nominations – 5 nominations
–2011 New Music Award Nomination, Breakthrough Country Artist, Bryan Cole
–2011 Iron City Rocks Award Nomination, Best Guitarist, Xander Demos
–2010 New Music Award Nomination, Best New Country Artist, Bryan Cole
–2010 Independent Music Award Nomination, Best Country Album, Bryan Cole
–Billboard Magazine Songwriter’s Award (3rd Place, Rock category) “Cold-Blooded”
–Billboard Magazine Songwriter’s Award (Honorable Mention, Rock category) “Ride Sweet Angel”


Radio Chart Success


“Pride And The Passion” Bryan Cole, #85
“Love Doesn’t Live Here” Bryan Cole, #121

Music Row Magazine

“Pride And The Passion” Bryan Cole, #83
“Love Doesn’t Live Here” Bryan Cole, #121
“I Just Want You To Know” Amy Rose, #85
“Not Pretty Enough” Josey Milner, #105
“(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck” Amy Rose #116
“Wherever You Are” Western Avenue #75
“Sunshine” Amy Rose #105
“Cowgirls” Josey Milner (#73)
“Alcohol Abuse” Marshall Dane #60
“Make Love Tonight” Matt Williams Feat. Alyssa Morrissey #72
“Country Crazy” Amy Rose #92
“Hayride” Hicks (#77)

New Music Weekly

“Pride And the Passion” Bryan Cole, #1
“I’m Comin’ Home” Bryan Cole, #8
“Love Doesn’t Live Here” Bryan Cole, #13
“I Just Want You To Know” Amy Rose, #9
“(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck” Amy Rose, #6
“Not Pretty Enough” Josey Milner, #23
“Wherever You Are” Western Avenue, #1
“Sunshine” Amy Rose, #1
“Cowgirls” Josey Milner #1/#30
“Alcohol Abuse” Marshall Dane #1/#36
“Make Love Tonight” Matt Williams feat. Alyssa Morrissey #11/#33
“Hayride” Hicks #3/#23
“Walk On Me” Jiggley Jones #60#85
“Unknown Soldier” Doug Briney #83
“Mama’s Kitchen” Hicks #9/#41 (currently charting)

“Pretty Big Deal” Doug Briney #67 (currently charting)

National Radio Hits

“Hayride” Hicks #23
“Make Love Tonight” Matt Williams feat. Alyssa Morrissey #48

“Mama’s Kitchen” Hicks #36

Indie World Country Record Report

“I’m Comin’ Home” Bryan Cole, #1
“Pride And The Passion” Bryan Cole, #1
“Not Pretty Enough” Josey Milner, #1
“(Redneck Reunion) Party Like A Redneck” Amy Rose, #1
“Unknown Soldier” Doug Briney #27
“Walk On Me” Jiggley Jones  #36

“Mama’s Kitchen” Hicks #13

Roots Music Report

“Pride And The Passion” Bryan Cole, #5
“Love Doesn’t Live Here” Bryan Cole, #5
“Wide Open Road” Bryan Cole, #8
“It’s All Country” Doug Briney, #6
“No Spring Chicken” Jiggley Jones, #3 (Americana) #7 (True Country)
“Wherever You Are” Western Avenue, #1 (8 weeks at #1, Pop Country)
“Cowgirls” Josey Milner Top 15
“Alcohol Abuse” Marshall Dane #1
“Sunshine” Amy Rose Top 20
“Walk On Me” Jiggley Jones Top 20
“Super Country Cowboy” Doug Briney #6
“Country Crazy” Amy Rose Top 20
“Unknown Soldier” Doug Briney Top 10
“I’ll Be Your Whiskey” Marshall Dane Top 40

Other charting

MTS Artists have also charted and reached #1 on many independent country charts including: CMT.com, Y’allwire, CMG Global Radio charts, CE Country Chart, Independent Music Network, Iceman’s Cavern, Onlylyrics.com…and many more!


MTS Management Group has signed music licensing deals for their artists with Fox Sports, NASCAR, E! Networks, Discovery Networks, MTV Networks, Bunim/Murray and others


–Michael’s songs have been recorded and released by Bryan Cole (country) Kevin Morgan (country) Deanna Dawn Denning (country, pop) Vonne Andring (pop/ac) Stormfront (rock) Forever Endeavor (Christian rock) Angelspeak (Christian rock)
–Michael has managed and/or promoted Marshall Dane, Hicks, Matt Williams, Bryan Cole, Xander Demos, Doug Briney, Amy Rose, Josey Milner, Jiggley Jones, Western Avenue, Alyssa Morrissey, Ed Roman, Cede, Chelsea Rae, and Raina Bauman, Bradford Loomis and Beth Whitney, March To May, and the Whiskey and Cigarettes Show.

Production Credits

–Bryan Cole, “Wide Open Road” for the track “I’m Comin’ Home. Perfect Vision Records, 2010. (country) Recorded at Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN.
–Bryan Cole, “Pride And the Passion” single. Perfect Vision Records, 2011.
–Bryan Cole, “Love Doesn’t Live Here” single. Perfect Vision Records, 2012.
–Angelspeak, “Angelspeak Demos 2009,” Perfect Vision Records, 2010.
–Stormfront, “Cold-Blooded,” from the compilation disc, “14 Miles of Dreams,” AIP records.


Recording Credits

–Xander Demos, “Dancing Through Daggers,” vocals
–Xander Demos, “Guitarcadia,” drums
–Bryan Cole, “Wide Open Road,” drums, backing vocals
–Kevin Morgan, “Live at the Funhouse,” drums, keyboards
–Angelspeak, “Angelspeak Demos 2009,” drums, keyboards, vocals
–Various Artists, “14 Miles of Dreams” drums, backing vocals



MTS Management artists have received press in many publications including Music Row, New Music Weekly, Blabbermouth.net, Powersource, Christian Music Weekly, Cashbox, Music News Nashville, Lovin’ Lyrics, Guitar World, Screamer Magazine, Bravewords, Metal Underground, Metal-Temple, Hard City Magazine, Nashville Gab, Digital Rodeo, Hair Metal Mansion, Pittsburgh Magazine, Today’s Country magazine, Nashville Music Guide and many others.

–Michael has an Associate Degree in Music and Video Business form the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and has worked with notable touring and recording musicians including Jimmy Mattingly (Reba, Garth Brooks) Steve Hinson (Josh Turner, Randy Travis) Mark Greenwood (Garth) Michael Rojas (Lady Antebellum) Reb Beach (Winger) Justin Murr (LibertyNJustice) Cj Snare (Firehouse) Stevie Rachelle (Tuff) and Phil MacDowell (Buzz Poets)