Josey Milner Featured On We Change Worlds New Website

Teen country artist, Josey Milner is the subject of the Feature Story for the launch of We Change World’s New Website. The site,, is dedicated to children that are making a difference in the world. With Josey kicking off her anti-bullying campaign, she was a natural selection for the article.

Josey was interviewed by website admin, Slavica Bogdanov, and some of that interview is in the piece. Slavica writes, “uring our interview, she spoke with much passion and enthusiasm about getting involved to end bullying in schools: “I was a victim myself and see it every day in school. It is time to stop.” Josey wants to be the voice for all the victims who lack the courage to speak. She intends on visiting schools throughout the country to inspire the youth to stand up against this form of abuse.” Be sure to visit their website to read the entire article.

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