Amy Rose’s Single Earns “Spincrease” and “Prime Mover” Ranking On New Music Weekly

“I Just Want You To Know,” the latest single from Amy Rose is continuing its ride up the New Music Weekly charts. This week, the song climbs 2 spots to #72, with a “spincrease” of +83 over last week; giving it a total of 737 spins for the week. That was enough of an increase to rank it among the top “spincrease” leaders this week. The track was also ranked as a “Prime Mover” with a 13% increase in spins over last week.

Amy’s single, at #72, comes in just ahead of Steve Holy’s latest, “Hauled Off and Kissed Me” (#73, Curb) and Chris Young, “I Can Take It From There” (#75, RCA.) Congrats, Amy!

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