Xander Demos Announces New Endorsements With Matrix Amplification, Fractal Audio And Mission Engineering Pedals

Rock ‘n’ Growl Records’ metal shred guitarist, Xander Demos is happy to announce his artist endorsement arrangements with three premiere guitar equipment manufacturers: Matrix Amplification, Fractal Audio Systems and Mission Engineering. Xander adds them to his impressive list of artist endorsements, which includes Suhr and McNaught guitars, maker of his XD 727 Signature Model guitar, ISP Technologies, V-picks, Dixon cases and others. Xander’s likeness and bio will be added to the new endorsement companies’ websites in the coming months.

The endorsement of Matrix, Fractal Audio and Mission spearheads Xander’s new, streamlined approach to his live performance rig. Xander says, “As soon as December 15th hits, it’s gonna be an all out assault on clubs…between Jukebox (one of his local cover bands) and Xander Demos Band. Plus, Sabbath Judas Sabbath (Xander is a member) is going to spool up soon again. I am sooooo done with lugging around huge racks. My rig is getting scaled down to something realistic and something that sounds amazing. The Fractal Audio Axe-FX II and the Matrix GT800 amp weigh about 12 lbs. combined and they sound HUGE! Seriously, the next guitarist I meet that tells me that they have to have a 100 watt Marshall to get tone is gonna get my foot up his ass, haha .”

Xander has opened live shows for acts like Symphony X, Adrenaline Mob, Buckethead, Dio Disciples and others. This winter, he will embark on a series of solo dates in the mid-atlantic region, starting in White Marsh, MD at The House of Rock in February. He is also scheduled to perform at Rock Harvest II, also in Maryland in November 2013.

Matrix Amplification boasts “Great guitar power amps shipped worldwide from the UK.” Other artist endorsers include Steve Stevens (Billy Idol, solo) and Ty Tabor (Kings X.) For more information, visit MatrixGuitarAmplification.com.

Mission Engineering designs and builds professional quality controllers, switches and effects pedals for musicians. Mission is the world’s only manufacturer of switching expression and volume pedals optimized for best performance with specific amplifiers, processors, and effects. Our all metal pedals are designed and built in the USA, and available in your choice of high quality colors and finishes. Artists include Chris Broderick (Megadeth) and The Edge (U2.) For more information, visit MissionEngineering.com.

Fractal Audio Systems says, “Artists using our products can be found across genres, generations, and geographies. From jazz to junk, pop to punk, folk to funk, metal to monk… from secret studios to stadium stages, our diverse endorsers have at least one thing in common: they tell us that the sound of Fractal Audio helps them make their music sound great. Artists using their products include a who’s who of guitar players, including Alex Lifeson (Rush) and John Petrucci (Dream Theater.) For more information, visit FractalAudio.com.

Xander Demos’ debut CD, “Guitarcadia” was released in August and mixed by Cj Snare, frontman for the band, Firehouse. Xander appears on the new LIberty N Justice release, “The Cigar Chronicles” and Ged Rylands’ new album. For more information, visit XanderDemos.com.

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