From Our Friends At ‘The Master Queen Of Love’ Alona C is no ‘TV Clown’

AlonaCAlona C is a 25 years old artist whom was born in New York and raised in Israel. She knew very early on that she was meant to be on stage. As she was growing up, Alona sang, danced and preformed all over the world. She formed the dance group ‘Shake’, whose first single received over 400,000 views. After her successful run with the group in Israel, she left because she felt untrue to herself by doing music that she didn’t feel connected to, and decided to follow her heart and sing her music.

In 2012, she formed the band ‘Alona C’s’ with some talented musicians. Together they put on exciting shows, which included some of the biggest Rock hits of the years, while also finding the time to take guitar lessons. In August 2013 Alona released her first official single – ‘The Master Queen of Love’, a song that touches various music genres.  Read more at

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