360 Magazine Reviews The Latest Singles From Jiggley Jones And Xander Demos

360 mag3Fashion, Music and Entertainment publication, 360 Magazine has posted their reviews of the latest singles from Jiggley Jones (“Ain’t That Alright”) and Xander Demos (“Dancing Through Daggers”) Here’s what they had to say:

About Jiggley Jones’ “Ain’t That Alright:” “Jiggley Jones is jamming. Superb instrumentation, lyrics and production. Narrative yet smooth melodies will lure you in but innovation will keep you listening.” Read the entire review HERE.

About Xander Demos’ “Dancing Through Daggers:” “Xander Demos is dynamic. Raspy lyrical content is all we need for the holidays as this group will have your head banging through this jolly season. Electrifying sound is on par with the climate of the industry but the guitar riffs are what’s going to make this ensemble pop.” Read the entire review HERE.

360 Magazine’s focus will be on Fashion, Music, Entertainment, Arts, Automobiles and Fitness/Nutrition. According to their Facebook page: “Young assertive individuals have established an Edgy Fashion + Lifestyle + Culture magazine. We have collectively utilized our expertise from both sides of the industry to present you 360 Magazine — time for a new start.”

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