Western Avenue: The “Call Me Adam” Interview

call me adamWestern Avenue was recently interviewed by Adam Rothenberg for his “Call Me Adam” website. Here’a partial excerpt:

Adam: In your career, whom to do hope to get the opportunity to work with?
Western Avenue: Well we are all huge fans of Lady Antebellum, Keith Urban, & Taylor Swift. So any of those would be amazing!

Adam: You met through country artist Tara Lyn. What do you remember about that first meeting? Was there instant chemistry in thinking you could be your own band or did that develop over time?
WA: There was instant chemistry! Our first jam together was magic! We just loved how we all sounded together. It was kind of neat as we all had different tastes in music and we kind of all moulded them together to what is our sound today.

Find out how Western Avenue came up with the band’s name, and more by reading the entire conversation at http://www.callmeadam.com/interviews/2013/10/4/western-avenue-interview.html#.Uk7_g4asiSp.

After three successful years, “Adaumbelle’s Quest” has changed its name to “Call Me Adam,” while keeping its content and mission the same. With over 15,000 views a month, “Adaumbelle’s Quest” has interviewed hundreds of rising and established artists/performers, asking questions that get to their hearts while tickling their funny bones.

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