Skope Magazine Reviews Loomis/Whitney’s “The Banner Days”

The-Banner-Days-Cover-WEB_6Inches300DPI“The Banner Days’ is in a league of its own combining the best modern acoustic pop has to offer. The musicianship is off the charts, the songs are well crafted and the catalogue is a fully loaded 7 track set.  ‘The Banner Days’ is a strong release and also refuses to fall into the trap of becoming fundamentally duress-ridden pop. The musical arrangements really differ from song to song and the vocals and emotional latitude tend to remain compatible with that versatility of the artist. All at a constant level throughout. Its music that you could use to watch the clouds go by – but also make you want to jump up, grab your guitar and write a powerful song that could change someone’s life. To inspire someone in on a very sincere and powerful level about a journey into the unknown – yeah that what classic free spirit Americana music is all about?” 4.5/5 stars – David Sharff, Skope Magazine  Read the entire review at

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