New Review Of Richard Lynch’s “Mending Fences” Album

To the rescue of a very trend-ridden genre comes Richard Lynch, an All-american country singer-songwriter, with over three decades under his belt and a lot of country spirit to share through his passionately crafted and heartfelt music. You are unlikely to find such genuine country music as his, and his latest release, his albumMending Fencesmight sound like there’s something broken, but in this album, nothing is. If you’re a country fan, don’t fret because of the misgivings current country may have, instead, sit back, and enjoy a piece of genuine country, from someone who knows a thing or two about it.

The opening, Daddy’s Words is so deliciously and classic country, from the instrumental, to the lyrics, to the tone and meaning of it. It’s so expected yet uplifting to start the ride with a song that you are sure to trust was written with quite a bit of experiences behind it.

When you send an angel a letter is much more down-paced and with a regretful feeling, that is remarkably translated into more than words with unexpected strings and harmonies. It doesn’t feel overly soft and subdued but it carries its wholeheartedly sorrow with it. Mending Fences, the name-giver to the album is a much more layered and somewhat rythmical piece, with strong accents on its tempo and the lyrics that will undoubtedly express to you why this is the song that the album takes place after.

In over my Heart and Crazy Man are two very personal songs, sung from the heart, if anything on this album can be any more sung from the heart. They feel both giving and apologetic in a loving matter, both are love songs, nothing fancy nor ouytstanding, but familiar, comforting and sweet.

Back In Love Again is a duet that could be featured in any country chart or ranking, it’s lighthearted and quirky, honeyed and most of all, sincere. The voices blend together and dance between them so effortlessly you’d wonder how difficult could it be to some people to just dish out well written and made songs if it seems like such a warm and simple affair.

Cut and Paste, in all of its surely honest effort, feels like it has a theme that distracts from the sound with words and concept that don’t quite tie together with the whole feeling of the song. Everytime you’re about to enjoy it truly you hear a strange account of being at odds with current technology, which, as awkward as it may sound here so suddenly, it sounds just the same on this song.

Think and drive is upbeat in that country kind of way, the instrumentals are spot on and the rythm is well defined, it’s not too fast but definitely not slow at all, even though the matter of the song is being anxious and restless, the song is far from feeling down.

Worth Saving is a metaphorical piece of many meanings and many understandings that are underlined with a simple yet perfect kind of music to such deep lyrics, it lets you focus on whats being said so you can explore in your head what’s between lines.

Things you shouldn’t do and Knock three times, like night and day both bear their personal and very distinct flavor as a dark and sorrowful and an upbeat and light songs, proving the ways counry can be so full of different shades within one sound.

Country music isn’t country anymorewell, it goes without saying that richard is a man of action, because by making the bold statement, he crafted a 100% country song that has nothing to be envious of any big or small, true or sellout country artist.

If country music isn’t country anymore, Richard Lynch knows how to make it country again. Good and classic, sincere, heartfelt and passionate in its very country and genuine way, there’s nothing to fear, Country is alive and well as long as we have singers like Richard. – Laura Perez, Music And Band Reviews

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