Interview With International DJ And Producer Matteo Arcucci

International DJ and Producer, Matteo Arcucci took time out from his busy schedule to talk with us about his career, his favorite clubs, and his favorite artists.

MTS: Hello Matteo! Thank you for taking the time to speak with us. Your friends call you Don Diego. How did you get that name?
MATTEO ARCUCCI: The people call me DonDiego from Zorro DonDiego de la Vega ….and my real 1st name IS Diego.

MTS:How and when did you begin DJing in clubs?
MA: Oh …i starting to spinn in Corsica(Franc) When i was 17 th year in 2004 i was back from Paris , It was night a near from Home …was a bar club from a friend called Arena Cafe , was realy Nice soundsystem from MartinAudio , The Dj from The club was no MORE at this venue. My friend ask me to put some music and the bar Club was full , i was real passionate from The Electronic music , but i was not already a Dj , and i Do The real good The job all night long for Luck , after The Night The Manager Frederic Ask me if i want To be Resident and put some music …he says for The moment i dont Pay you but i but I Pay All your Vynil he give like 200€ and was many money for The time …i remenber this day i buyed maybe 30 vynil of house music . A Friend from me was owner from a record Shop he teach me some Tipp for Spinning right . After this i Stay Resident in the bar 1 year and many Another club call me for party around my City and i continue to organise Event …and 2005 i export me in Italy.

MTS: Who are some of your favorite artists you like to include in your mixes, and why?
MA:Also is not question of Artist but MORE A question of Label and Dj , at The base i was House Dj i played many Records from StrictlyRythm , Subliminal records , or Azuli , Hooj Records …Year After year i played MORE Techno , DeepProgressive , TechHouse ….But i like all track from Tapesh ,or Saved NicFanciulli records ,Yousef ,Coyu ,Ramiro Lopez,CarlCox for The Big Room Techhouse beats . I playlisted or many from LocoDice , he is also from my favorit Djs too …

MTS: What has been your favorite venue to perform at?
MA:Oh good question….i think its 3 years Ago i spined es in A Afterour After GuyJ in Stairs Club Zürich w A 3hour intense Set and that Was realy Good after With many people ….and This Summer in NYC ON Rooftop thats Was something amazzing front of The EmpireStateBuilding

MTS: You’ve produced several acts, like Groovalicious. How does producing differ from DJing, and which do you like better?
MA:Groovilicious is my Records Label who Do distribution of my MUSIC , but i do Also Booking for International Act like Talent Buyers or SubAgent for Club in europa calling Flowerbird . I worked Before for The distribution of artist in Switzeland , i Was in Connection With All best World management for Dj , i use my connection for Promoters and Brand who have desire To organise à event.

MTS:What does Matteo like to do outside of music? And if I were to come over for dinner, what would you serve?
MA:If i dont do MUSIC 1st, I work many ….but i do many Méditation , i like To Travel its my favorite things, discover The world .

Ahaha ….i Cook The best Thaï Curry With Meat & Rice or The Best Gnochi Pomodoro.

MTS:  Thank you for taking the time, Matteo! Find out more about Matteo Arcucci at:

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