IamChixn Reviews Sam Rochford’s “So Easy”

Sam Rochford is clearly a virtuoso, her innate ability to transcend genres is a gift that cannot be taught. She’s not exactly country, not exactly pop, not exactly folk, but she is however very talented. Very talented. Her latest single, “So Easy,” is a modern-day love story filled with promises of hope and a long future presented over a beautiful soundtrack of satisfying instrumentation. The track opens with a captivating guitar riff and a light drum cadence, setting not only the tone of the track but also giving the song an almost “folksy” feel; however, I still wouldn’t classify the piece as folk music as it teeters the line of Americana and pop as well so it’s not exactly just folk music and that’s a good thing. If the instrumentation is the cake, Sam’s voice is the perfect icing! Her vocal presence is warm and compliments the music so effortlessly. Her ability to harmonize with the background vocalist is both enchanting and alluring which makes for a perfect combination. “So Easy,” sounds like a love letter to the perfect mate – sincere and beautiful and if it’s any inclination of what’s to come from Sam Rochford in the future, I’d say the future looks very promising. – IamChxn

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