Doug Briney: The Country Music City Interview

country music city promotions HeaderLast week, Shellie Palmer from Country Music City Promotions interviewed “Super Country Cowboy” Doug Briney. Here’s an excerpt from that conversation:

Country Music City: Since the move from Alaska to Nashville what has been the most challenging for you and you’re family?
Doug Briney: I roll with the punches pretty easily. The first week in Nashville we went through a number of issues from the kids going back to school, to renovations of the house, you name it. There are a number of challenges, we don’t really see it as a challenge it is how we can get things done, figure it out and move on from it. Why waste your energy when you can find a solution to it.
The biggest struggle is the humidity, Alaska weather is either dry or very cold, we’re adjusting. What ever life throws at us we’re up for it.

Find out all about Doug’s new album, Super Country Cowboy and his new record deal with Tate Music Group, by reading the interview HERE!

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