Xander Demos: The Fabryka Music Magazine Interview

fabrykamagazine_logo_2012_enEarlier in the week, metal shredder XANDER DEMOS spoke with Nina from Fabryka Music Magazine. Here’s an excerpt:

NINa: Guitar shredding has been used in many metal music subgenres, but it can be easily overdone. However, judging by your songs from Guitarcadia, it sounds like you’ve found the golden mean. What piece of advice could you give to other guitarists who lose themselves in either the technical details or too much passion?

Xander: Always remember that songs are the key in the music industry. Don’t lose sight of the melody and song structure. If you listen to my stuff, there are definite melodies and hooks. You can hum along in between bouts of shredding. The songs have definite verses, bridges, choruses, etc. So, it’s not just me going buck wild and masturbating all over the fretboard. That gets kind of boring. You want to have something that people can listen to and even if they aren’t a shred fan, they can hear the melodies.

Read the entire interview HERE. Fabryka Music Magazine is the only professional on-line magazine specialized in guitar driven industrial rock and industrial metal music. The magazine provides important information about new and well known bands of the genres through news, reviews, interviews, advertising and promotion.

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