WORLD WIDE MUSIC CONTEST LTD. ANNOUNCES THE WINNERS OF THE FIRST EDITION (WWMC), the website dedicated to unsigned musicians from all over the world, announced the Winners of the first edition of their music contest.

August 18, 2015 — (WWMC), the website dedicated to unsigned musicians from all over the world, announced the Winners of the first edition of their music contest.The first prize of 10,000 euros goes to Marissa Guzman from Detroit, USA with the song “Time To Go”. She also wins:
One year of Unlimited Membership to LandR Pro Services. LandR is a company that provides instant online audio Mastering services – 
An interview for NIJI Magazine, the online magazine that  showcasts emerging talents – 
Performance in a music showcase in New York City by TBAIMS – The Big Apple Indie Music Series  

Over the past year musicians from all over the world have sent in their songs and compositions for a total of over 1300 pieces.

A first selection was made by the WWMC Internal Panel, where the top 100 compositions were identified and sent to a highly qualified independent Jury.

In addition to the first prize, awards were given to the top the songs of each Genre defined within the contest as follows:

Cameron Hill from Trindad and Tobago, with the song “Stranger”, wins 1500 euros
Alex Boye from Nigeria/UK, with the song “Lemonade”, wins 700 euros
Friga from Belarus, with the song “What will be with us in the end” wins 350 euros

Rock & heavy
Juan Camilo Borja from Colombia, with the song “Como si fuera la primera vez” wins 1500 euros
Booster from USA, with the song “Bleed” wins 700 euros
Moscato from Australia, with the song “Pendulum” wins 350 euros

Yurie Nakahara from Japan, with the song “Snowdrop”, wins 1,500 euros
Vasil from Bulgaria, with the song “Speed Changes”, wins 700 euros
Lou Pecci with the song “Tender Heart”, wins 350 euros

Urban & Hip Hop
Lee & Mella from Burundi/Canada, with the song “Hatuko wamoja”, wins 1,500 euros
The Conquering Lion from UK, with the song “New World Order”, wins 700 euros
T.Dot from USA, with the song “The Warm Up”, wins 350 euros

Other sounds
Jojo Worthington from Canada, with the song “Boo Radley”, wins 1,500 euros
Kristin Lagasse from Canada, with the song “Rugged Heart”, wins 700 euros
Yush from Mexico, with the song “There is a Place”, wins 350 euros

The Electronic genre was also included in the contest however in this first edition none of the compositions obtained sufficient votes and no prize was assigned; WWMC will dedicate specific contests to this genre in the near future.

All the winner’s songs can be heard at:

The Panel of judges was made up of 6 prestigious and well known professionals within the music industry,

Henry Padovani  – Original guitarist of The Police, he is also lead judge on the French X Factor and a regular contributor to many French TV shows, with a new live music series (think “Later”), based around Henry & Paris’ famous Le Gibus club.
Steve Tannett – Has worked with REM, The Police, Sting, Duran Duran Black Sabbath and many more
Adrian Berwick – Previously  President and CEO of BMG Ricordi in Rome and Milan as well as Managing Director of Polydor Records.
Carlos Ituino – Among other prestigious positions, Carlos was Managing Director of Universal Music Entertainment , and CEO Universal Music Spain
Stefano Zappaterra  – Held several positions within Polygram (that later became Universal) ranging from Product Management, Head of Promotions to Press Officer, and Marketing Director.
Jay Durgan – Contributed to the global careers of music recording artists like Bryan Adams, Police, Sting, Sheryl Crow, Janet Jackson, Bon Jovi, Shania Twain, Boyz II Men, Stevie Wonder, Michael Buble, Linkin Park and many more.

The next editions of the contest will start in October but all the songs can be listened in streaming on WWMC Radio, the first radio in the world exclusively for unsigned artists from anywhere in the world.
WWMC will also be introducing their new website with a new format and new services in October of this year.


The World Wide Music Contest is a website dedicated to the promotion of unsigned artists from all over the world through musical contests in which artists can post their musical material and be evaluated by a qualified jury of experts.
Participation to any contest, with one song, is free.

The website objective is to increase emerging musician’s visibility and provide services allowing musicians to stream their music with the dedicated web radio (WWMC Radio) and in the near future access and share information with others through social tools that are being developed exclusively for the registered musicians.

Although WWMC is a relatively new website, the traffic data is quite substantial (Data from Google Analytics):

80,000 visits per month
30,000 single visits per month
over 6,000 registered users of which over 500 are artists that have posted a song.

For further information contact:

Michael Yates

World Wide MC Ltd
Marketing Direction

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