REVIEW: The Spiders – Election Day (Single)

sp2The Spiders – “Election Day” (Single)


 What better way to celebrate an election year in the United States than with a cheeky, in your face, shut-up your pie hole song? In true punk form Nick DeStefano and The Spiders have delivered a spot on tag entailing their point of view in a ‘patriotic’ (that is sarcasm) depiction in the tune and video called, “Election Day.”

The scraping, the name calling, the stadium of goofiness and the overhaul of what used to be respectable but has now been made a mockery of as the United States looks like the chief buffoon! All of this falderol is tightly wrapped up into a tribute or cheers of sorts to this process very well in the lyrical content and video imagery DeStefano and The Spiders have put together.​

Breaking up the silence, and putting together the populace at large thoughts this video crashes to candidates and the spin the media as well as the candidates themselves had placed on themselves. Sure it might be the media tag lines, but DeStefano has blended the muck together in rock n punk spin to create a great tune on a timely subject. The video brings a clarity to view and lets us get our rocks off while making us think. “Election Day” is a catchy tune that takes on a rather peevish subject. A honcho strain performed and recorded by Nick DeStefano and The Spiders. The band actually made Hilary and Trump stand out like the sore thumbs they are all by using humor in the correct places. Truly a masterful piece of punk rock foray to pay a lauded showcase that reveals the conclusive lies, and the power held in politics.

“ Election Day” is a stellar work of punk rock art and does exactly what PUNK is supposed to do- speak for the man!

“Election Day” is a classic rock piece. The guitar work breaks down and carries the riffs forth, percussion work is spot on as the thumps of drums and catchy lyrics to carve the truth in a jovial fashion. Nick DeStefano along with The Spiders, have hit the baseball out of the election park and way over Washington’s election process and delegates. This tune and video, “Election Day” is the posture and spearing shaft to stab and cut open the filth of American politics.  DeStefano’s vision with this number and video have merged together punk and politics. The foundation of punk has been presented in its truest form once again.

Perhaps, it is this tune by Nick DeStefano and The Spiders that will bring about a change. This line from the song, speaks mounds of truth, ​”Ones a liar, and ones a fool/you have no choice/Who you gonna choose/Press the lever and hope for the best/Nobody wins this country’s a mess…” Those are punk words, speaking punk truth. A deliberate song driven work of Punk in its precisest translation of rock. Let what Nick DeStefano and The Spiders have created in their tune, “Election Day” be what gets the word out to the masses and helps the frustrated voters in America find themselves and make a change in their system. No country should be viewed as a simple minded bunch of cads lowed exclusively on just a few people. The saying it takes a village… was meant to raise people up- not tear them down.

“Election Day” speaks volumes lyrically and the cleverness of the video puts the red, white and blue bumper sticker flying proudly on the backsides of Washington political pundits perfectly. Nick DeStefano and The Spiders have a created killer tune that gyrates truth in a punk rock anthem, played succinctly and skillfully in a timely manner.


by Allyson Porter

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