Josey Milner Guests On “Some Native Guy” This Thursday

graduation day 3This Thursday, August 14th, the midwest’s country music sweetheart, Josey Milner will bring her music and anti-bullying message to BTR’s “Some Native Guy” show. Josey joins host Russell Kaulaity to talk about her career successes and her plans for the last quarter of 2014. Be sure to tune in for a fascinating interview with one of today’s hottest young country artists.  The show starts at 4pm ET at

“As we see the past of my ancestor, today we are carrying on these same values of who many of first nations people  are doing, carrying on. As we carry on our customs and values, most though wont admit the fact we must learn to fix this world we are in together! These very things the Native American people can help build this nation:are a unique but real part of the society, and the past, though not always told from Native peoples, well now is the time to let the world and fellow Native people, let’s let the voice of the people be heard!
The Native Guy show is happy to have any who want to have a voice in building a better future for the next generations to come! To build on this rocky foundation, finding the right mix for the cracks is important, and your voice matters!”

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