Josey Milner Guests On “D.E.A.P. In Love” Video Talk Show On Wednesday

graduation day 3This Wednesday, August 27th at 10:30pm ET/9:30CT, #1 NMW country artist, Josey Milner will be the guest on “D.E.A.P. In Love,” to talk about her campaign against bullying, her recent successes, and her upcoming single release.  The video-based show is broadcast live at  So, be sure to get a good seat, and tune in for a fun conversation with Josey and host, Arielle Caputo.  D.E.A.P. stands for Dream Endlessly, Actively Pursue.  “Stop by for your daily inspiration and motivation. We are planting seeds of kindness and love all over California and beyond while making a commitment to follow our dreams.”

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