Doug Briney Will Guest On Syndicated “Freedom: Love It Or Leave It” Show

super country cowboy cover medCountry singer, military supporter and constitutionalist, Doug Briney will be the guest on next week’s episode of the syndicated political talk show, “Freedom: Love It or Leave It.” The 30 minute weekly program offers a blue-collar perspective of the political scene and how it effects Main Street America. Hosts Bob Williams and TJ Maddux (on vacation next week) each bring their own unique styles to the issues and discuss, in a kitchen table manner, their views on the issues. “Freedom: Love It or Leave It” airs on 9 US stations, via the Star Com Radio Network, each Saturday at 10:30am CT, as well as in countries like the UK, Nigeria, Ghana and Australia, on the Old Geezer Network. For more information, visit

Doug Briney is a 2013 Independent Country Music Association award winner, for his live rendition of the National Anthem. He has performed “The Star Spangled Banner” for the Iditarod race, the Anchorage Aces, the Jackson Generals, and other sporting events. His second album, Super Country Cowboy will be released this fall with Tate Music Group.

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