CD REVIEW: Nick Dakota – “Vision”

nd2Nick Dakota – Vision


Life is amazing. So often we can only see our lows, and forget with those times comes something better, brighter, and worthy. It is this kind of talent that can be felt, seen and heard in country rocks delivery of artist/musician, Nick Dakota. Hailing from the state that has given so many excelling musicians, Minnesota, country rock artist, Nick Dakota has moved his brand of sound to Nashville and with this new album, Vision, has created a shake up in this realm of country rock sound.

Nick Dakota has brought with him some sublime company for this album, Vision, as it has come to full fruition and is life breathed itself in the land of country rock n roll. Joining Nick Dakota are well known musicians and stars in their own right,  Lee Hendricks (Eric Church’s bass player), Steve Hinson (steel guitar for Randy Travis) and Troy Lancaster (Tim McGraw’s guitar player) are but just a few that have come together to create this phenomenal work.

With a voice that can melt hearts and in turn rock your body, Nick Dakota’s new venture has sparks flying. The very first single, “How Cool is That” written by hit songwriters, L. Hengber and S. Williams shows what combinations can move and supply winning numbers over and over again.

Hailing from the shores of the small town known as Holland, MI Nick Dakota is composed to take Nashville and the rest of the world by storm. With charm, good looks and talent; this country rocker, Nick Dakota far from being just your average guitar player who can sing. Nick has played in bands since he was 16 years old, this sound, this feeling is what Nick Dakota was born to do.

Nick Dakota is working with famed producer, Robyn Robins (of Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band) and Robins sees all this highly regarded talent easily pouring itself from deep within the well of who country rocker Nick Dakota naturally is. Naturally, just like a pair of comfortable blue jeans and a familiar cotton t-shirt… those are the sounds vibrating from Nick Dakota’s magic. Obviously producer Robyn Robins believes in what Nick Dakota is bringing, he produced this debut album with top-notch heavy hitters out of Nashville. That says it all right there!

The album, Vision opens up with an earnest emotional tune called, “Fall All Over Again,” then tracks into a feel of knowingness with a bang-up number called, “Heart on Fire.” Next is an entertaining tune that transfers some grand harmonies, “How Cool Is That, carries definite coolness.” The women will undoubtedly slip into the embrace of love with the song, “How Much I Love You,” as Nick Dakota takes the breath of the souls longing whist’s. In truth at times Nick Dakota reminds the listener of the earlier Keith Urban years, the compliments of such great vocals as Kenny Chesney emanates from Nick Dakota, but all with his own sass. Nick Dakota can render all he encompasses and is charmingly a good-looking rock and country roller. A blend of all sweetness.

Keeping this album gelling all the way through is the consistency Nick Dakota sends, leading into his next number with, “One Last Request,” this country-pop Keith Urban style of sound comes forth in, “Rain Down Sunshine,” and the soul of passion with “Past You and Me.”

A harder rocking mode with the signature style of Nick Dakota shines in the tune, “Sledge Hammer,” and the track, “The Deep End” heads to the good times with talk of something like” tank tops” and hanging on the “tree stump…” the song brings together good times. A stronger percussion presence can be heard in the number, “Too,” while “Used” takes you away to a warm summers day. Finishing out the album Vision, and still leaving you wanting more of Nick Dakota’s music is, “We’ll Have Paris.”

Vision is a solid album all the way through. Detail has proved itself and it is a cohesive country rock album that deserves its due kudos and belongs in your music line-up.


by Michael Simon


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