Exclusive Interview With Henry Metal

Hard rock / heavy metal artist Henry Metal has unleashed his third full-length album, The Maestro Abides. The record is his third full-length release of the year and caps off a blast of creativity from the debut artist who has been hailed as “among the most interesting things to happen to music in 2017.”  Henry Metal sat down with us for an exclusive interview to talk about his music.

MTS: “The Maestro Abides” is your 3rd album release in 1 year, so you are clearly a prolific artist. Tell us about the album, and how it compares to your others.

Henry Metal: The album is pretty much the same awesome junk that is on the other two records, just a little bit cooler and faster. Henry keeps getting cooler and faster as the months progress and hopefully he won’t hit a stationary object on accident and blow the place up.

MTS: You have a song about Freedom of Speech, as well as songs speaking out against corporate greed. Do you feel that your music is more of a vehicle for your views, or is it art, just to be enjoyed for the pleasure of it?

HM: The music is pure art and, really, we don’t have any views other than that we should be able to make fun of anything that we feel like and play awesome power chords whilst doing it. Everyone from Black Sabbath to Dylan to Megadeth and Metallica sings about political malfeasance and it seems like it hasn’t ever worked, so why not keep trying.

MTS:  How does being from Chicago influence your music?

HM: Chicago is a music town and always has been. It’s the home of the blues and other stuff like pizza, gun violence, the Cubs and even Obama used to live here. And Oprah, speaking of O. It’s also the home of comedy with Second City and Improv Olympic and stuff like that, so maybe that’s why Henry got to be so damn funny when it comes to songs about speed walking and mad karate moves and giving people the musical finger and such.

MTS: Tell us about “The Lair” recording studio.

HM:  The Lair is actually in a secret cave northwest of the city. It’s one of the few magic caves in the Midwest and, frankly, it’s damn spooky. It’s pretty deep in the ground and we have fire and seances and summon up some pretty crazy demons and that sort of things when we’re rocking out. We don’t do anything too evil though, don’t want to step on any toes.

MTS: You seem to acknowledge that the music machine is broken and borderline-dead. How has that affected you, as a musician? And how do you think that musicians can survive financially in this day and age.

HM: I don’t think it’s ever been financially easy to be a musician or any artist for that matter. In the old days you would have to be one of the few lucky artists they were backing and it cost a million dollars to make and put out a record. Now it’s cheap. And you can get worldwide distribution while in your underwear, so that’s convenient too.

MTS: What’s next for Henry Metal? And if I came to dinner, what would you serve?

HM: Henry and the Mages are always creating sweet tunes in the Lair and will be coming out with something totally awesome in the near future. Swing by the cave anytime for some granola and yogurt!! Wait, that’s not dinner. We’d prob be having some bat stew if you come by for dinner.

MTS: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us.  Best of luck with the new release.  For more information on Henry Metal, please visit https://www.henrymetal.net/


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