Josey Milner Lands A Spot On 360 Magazine’s “Watch List”

360 magUp-and-coming teen country starlet, JOSEY MILNER is being featured on 360 Magazine’s Facebook page. Here’s what the popular lifestyle and fashion magazine had to say, “Josey Milner is stunning. A hybrid of Country, Alternative and Rock. Great vocals, production and music composition. Heart felt lyrics offer a soulful entry into the window of her soul. Her fresh sound has landed her a spot on our 360 Watch List.”

360 Magazine’s focus will be on Fashion, Music, Entertainment, Arts, Automobiles and Fitness/Nutrition. According to their Facebook page: “Young assertive individuals have established an Edgy Fashion + Lifestyle + Culture magazine. We have collectively utilized our expertise from both sides of the industry to present you 360 Magazine — time for a new start.” For more information, visit

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