Hicks Brings The “Hayride” To Dereck And Kay’s Show This Sunday

Hicks-Hayride_cover1This Sunday, June 29th, Swedish country rocker, Hicks will be the guest on the Dereck and Kay Show, live at 7:30pm ET (1:30am Swedish Time.) Listeners can tune in LIVE at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dereckandkayshow. Hicks will be talking about the release of his first US single, “Hayride,” which comes out on Monday.  So, don’t miss it!

In September of 2010, two friends decided to get together and host a weekly talk show on the internet. Thus, the Dereck and Kay Show was born! Dereck and Kay are old friends in Boston, MA who LOVE talk radio! They grew up listening to The Don and Mike Show, Ron and Fez, The Howard Stern Show and the Sports Junkies. Is this world of stress and deadlines, The Dereck and Kay Show is all about bringing you the GOOD NEWS and putting a smile to your face!

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