Christian Artist Rahn Anthoni Honored For His Work With Special Needs Kids At Voice & Man Up Awards

man up awardUrban dance music and Christian artist Rahn Anthoni crafts hot hip-hop with an R&B flow, with its deep roots in gospel flavors. His history with inspirational music has helped him develop a positive relationship with God and the world of song. Despite the heartbreaking circumstances around the death of his special needs son, Aaron Hatcher, Rahn has been able to turn tragedy to triumph, advocating for special needs children and delivering a message of hope and love to the masses.

MTS Management Group is proud to announce Rahn Anthoni was honored with the Trailblazer Award at the 2017 Voice & Man Up Awards. The award was in recognition of Rahn’s work with Special Needs Rock, an event founded by the singer. The Voice & Man Up Awards were hosted by renowned author, Lynette Ewell Patterson. The ceremony was held on June 2, 2017 at the Texas Station Ballroom in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Winning the Man-Up Award has made me realize, I’m in this to win it for our Special Needs Community,” said Rahn. “I’m so honored to be a part of this great community because they all are creative beings. I appreciate all who helped to make this possible.”

Watch the video for Rahn Anthoni’s tribute to his son Aaron, “I’ll Trust You” at

ABOUT RAHN ANTHONI: Christian R&B/Hip Hop artist, Rahn Anthoni got his first break singing back-up for Dottie Peoples. He is the former host of “Starpower” on The BET Network, as well as having appeared in Thina Films’ “Good Deed.”  Utilizing his experience and growing interest and knowledge in TV and film, Anthoni developed “The Rahn Anthoni Show,” which has received over 1 millions views on Eotm TV. In 2015, Anthoni reached a career high, covering The Oscars Red Carpet for Eotm Media Group. Then tragedy struck…Rahn Anthoni lost his special needs son, Aaron, to abuse, allegedly by his son’s teacher. From tragedy, comes triumph…This event inspired Anthoni to become an advocate for special needs kids. The Aaron Hatcher Awards are given every year, in honor of his late son, Aaron Hatcher. Anthoni also started the Special Needs Rock Awards and They Can’t Talk But We Can, a non-profit organization providing advocacy for children with disabilities. Anthoni is also CEO of The Source, the number #1 internet radio station giving back to the Old Skool music.

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