Examiner’s Donna Nolan Wilson Interviews Matt Williams

COVER_MakeLoveTonight_03Donna Nolan Wilson, the Nashville Nightlife Events Examiner interviewed Matt Williams about his new single, “Make Love Tonight” and his upcoming CMA Fest appearances. Donna begins, “Once in a while an artist and a song come along that just blow you away. Matt Williams’s song, “Make Love Tonight,” is one of those songs.” Here’s an excerpt from their conversation:

Q So, man I have a lot of things to talk to you about. I hear May 12th you are releasing, “Make Love Tonight?”

Matt: That is correct, me and Alyssa are pretty pumped to release this song to U.S. radio and iTunes. We actually started working on this song back in August of last year. We were just jamming and I had the chorus idea rolling around in my head and then we started working together a little bit. That was back in the studio in November, December and we finally recorded it which was awesome. We loved the way it turned out and we are pretty excited about how people will warm up to it.

Read the entire interview at www.examiner.com.

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