Doug Briney Joins “Not So Soccer Mom” This Friday Morning

nssmThe Alaskan Cowboy will be up bright and early this Friday morning, when he guests on the Not So Soccer Mom Show. Host, Jill Hickey will talk with Doug Briney LIVE at 10am ET/6am Alaska time on Tune in, as Doug will talk about his upcoming recording sessions in Oklahoma, for his next album, Super Country Cowboy.

Jill Hickey began writing “Jill’s Blog” — a ‘world according to Jill’ in 2005 as a way to keep up with family & friends after moving from the South to the Northeast. Her ‘blog’ launched the site in February 2009. In December 2009, her writing & unique voice landed her the “NotSoSoccerMom” radio shows & the spin-off show “Get Your Buzzz On” with co-host Josh Estrin. While hosting two online radio shows & writing, Jill is the mother of “The HickeyChicks”- 3 girls aged 14-10 & “Baby Patrick”, now 3. She is Jerry’s wife of 17.5 years & a Zumba fitness instructor.

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