Amy Rose’s “Party Like A Redneck” Debuts On New Music Weekly Chart

nmw6“Party Like A Redneck,” the latest single from Canadian country artist, Amy Rose, makes its debut on the “Up and Coming” section of the New Music Weekly country chart. The track was added to 3 new stations this week, including KFAV and KWRE in Warrenton, MO and NNNS in Nashville, TN. With 114 new spins added to its total, “Party Like A Redneck” was among the “Country Prime Movers,” with a 23% spin increase over last week. Amy is charting at #73, in a virtual tie with Lady Antebellum’s “Goodbye Town” at #72 and just ahead of Ash Bowers’ “Red” at #74. Please keep your requests going to your favorite country radio stations for Amy Rose “Party Like A Redneck!”

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