Win A Signed Xander Demos CD From T-Mak World

tmakworldCanadian rock blog, T-Mak World is giving its readers a chance to win a signed Xander Demos Guitarcadia CD. The site recently featured Xander in their “Emerging Artist” column, which also has an EXCLUSIVE interview with the guitar great. Here’s an excerpt:

TM: Who are some of your musical influences?
Xander: Guys like Vai, Satriani, Malmsteen, but also John Sykes, Adrian Vandenberg, Guthrie Govan and Shaun Lane. There are just so many….it’s hard to pick just a few. I’ve always been a big fan of not only technique, but melody. I try to use that approach when writing songs for my albums.

Find out how Xander describes his music and more, plus enter to win one of 3 signed CDs at

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