Weekly Recap And This Week’s Upcoming MTS Artist Appearances 4/15

Hey Everyone, it was another amazing week here at MTS Management Group. Our artists are out there, on radio and in print, doing there things and getting NOTICED! Let’s take a look back at this past week and take a peek at what’s on the horizon this coming week:

Doug Briney was just on an absolute TEAR this past week! His single, “More Than Just A Farm” remains the #1 Music video on OnlyLyrics.com. It has been there since its release more than a month ago! The single is also listed at #14 on the Independent Music Network’s country chart. Doug’s track also remained at #11 on the CMG Radio Network’s chart, while Doug himself was listed as their #37 international artist. Speaking of international, “More Than Just a Farm” racked up 150 stations in the international market this week, thanks to Triplestrand Promotions. A 5 star review from country music blog, That’s Music To Me, a spot on Country Dreams Radio’s latest program, and an interview with the Jiggy Jaguar show on Talk Radio X, all made for a BIG week for Doug. So, what’s up for him this week? Today, Doug is performing at the Alaska Veterans Museum, to celebrate the museum’s one year anniversary. On Monday, he will be featured on Homegrown Nation, where fans can vote for “More Than Just a Farm.” On Wednesday, Doug will be featured in a half hour program, “The Homegrown Show” (no affiliation) again, on Talk Radio X. Finally, Doug will round out the week with his resident show at Lonestar Steakhouse in Anchorage, AK on Friday. As always, please vote for Doug at the ICMA Awards, as Most Promising New Artist.

Xander Demos had another great week at international radio, picking up new stations in the UK and Greece, thanks to Cameron Tilbury. He was also featured on the BeRock Radio webzine, where he was given an 8 out of 10 review. Videos from Xander’s opening performance for Buckethead have begun surfacing, and they are creating alot of buzz on the internet. Alot of behind the scenes excitement that we can’t quite tell you about yet. Monday, Xander was interviewed on OfficialFNRadio, which was a blast. This week also saw Xander make his first donation to the ASPCA as a direct result of CD sales of his “Guitarcadia” album. In case you missed it, $1 from every CD sale goes to the animal charity. If you want to help out, buy Xander’s CD at www.steelcityguitar.com. Coming up: Xander will be interviewed on Rock Gator Radio on Monday at 8:30pm ET, and he will be taping an interview with the insanely funny Christy Miller of Babylon FM on Thursday, for later airing.

Bryan Cole and his single, “Love Doesn’t Live Here” are continuing their reign at radio, racking up 3 new reporting stations on the New Music Weekly chart. The single is also #10 on the CMG Radio Network chart, where Bryan is also the #5 overall international artist. As with Doug, Triplestrand is promoting Bryan’s single, and they reported more than 250 stations playing “Love Doesn’t Live Here” this week. We’re looking forward to his first charting appearance on the ECMA Top 100 overall chart! Bryan also pulled down at 5 star rating from That’s Music To Me, for that track. Bryan played two incredible shows this week—one at the beautiful Jergel’s Rhythm Grille in Warrendale, PA, which also hosts national headliners, and one at Rivers Casino, another sold out crowd. This week, Bryan will be live on the air with the Jiggy Jaguar show on Wednesday at 5:05pm ET. Don’t miss it! Please continue to support Bryan with your votes at in the Best Male and Best Live Performance categories.

As always, we appreciate your votes for Michael Stover as Best Manager and Best Producer, too!

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