New Reviews In For MTS Artists

MTS Management Group is proud of their artists’ achievements; from award nominations to rave reviews from the press.  Here are a couple of new reviews that came out this week for our artists:

The country music website “That’s Country To Me” reviewed Bryan Cole’s “Love Doesn’t Live Here:” “Bryan Cole is back and recently released his second single from his forthcoming “Pride And Passion” cd, called “Love Doesn’t Live Here”. The single was recorded, mixed, and produced by Cole, along with songwriter/manager Michael Stover and keyboard player Hermie Granati. The song is a well written song that allows Cole’s beautiful vocals to shine. Cole sings of a relationship in which he knew exactly what he was looking for, but his significant other was a little too late in realizing she wanted the same.”

“The song has a nice vibe and feel to it. While the song has a more traditional country music feels, listeners can hear some pop and even soft rock influences in it. It’s as if Ronnie Dunn, Rascal Flatts, and Journey merged into one artist. It’s a mixture that creates a uniquely great sound that is driven home by Cole’s beautiful vocals. It’s refreshing and new and should turn heads in the industry. 5 out of 5 stars.”

Doug Briney also received a 5 out of 5 rating for his single, “More Than Just a Farm:” ” Doug Briney’s current single “More Than Just A Farm”, off his debut cd “It’s All Country”, was written by ICMA member, Pat Kelley, and tells the story of growing up and learning life’s lessons while working on the farm. The song showcases the rich and strong traditional country music vocals and sound that make Briney stand out in a time in which the industry is playing pop and rock influenced country music. Briney does a wonderful job of telling the story of how the farm is more than just a farm, it’s a passion and love that becomes part of a person and influences their way of life even outside of working on the farm. Back when I was little I used to love sitting and listening to stories my grandpa would tell. I remember being so engulfed in the story and wishing I would have experienced what he was talking about. By no means am I saying Briney is old, but the way that he and this song grabs a hold of listeners is comparable to that of a grandpa telling stories to their grandchildren, that’s a great trait to have.”

“More Than Just A Farm” is currently in the Top 15 of two independent music charts and is also receiving international airplay. It’s a song that needs to be on country music radio stations everywhere, as it defines what true country music really should be.”

Finally, Xander Demos received an 8 out of 10 rating from Rock Boy on the BeRock Radio site, out of Greece. He said, “I believe that you should listen to this guy!” They have also added “White Knuckle Driving” to their rotation on their popular radio station. Congrats to all of the MTS Management Group Artists!

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