Ed Roman: The Junior’s Cave Interview

IMG_1090The latest artist to join the MTS ranks, Ed Roman was recently interviewed by Junior’s Cave. Isaac Davis, Jr. writes:
“Ed Roman is definitely one of those raw artists who has gained a deep appreciate and understanding of the importance of music. It is his multi-faceted musical mastery of making colorful, humorous, creative, and animated music that resonates the endless possibilities of musical storytelling.” Here’s a brief excerpt from that interview:

Isaac: What has been your inspiration for pursuing a music career?
Ed: I can’t help myself. From a very young age, I have always felt drawn to music as a child to its mother, music transformed my childhood. It showed me that this open form of expression could greatly affect the outcome of the situations in front of me. I grew up in a very small farmhouse with eight people; music could calm an otherwise tumultuous family situation. I knew then this was something that was bigger than me and I really wanted to be a part of. When I started school, my dyslexia posed problems in the way that I related in the “educational system” so I gravitated to music as a form of self reliance and expression.

Isaac: Why is music important to you?
Ed: Music is the key to life. Not only on an entertainment level but also on a metaphysical and philosophical level music has the ability to impact our lives, transform our ways of thinking; it is a historical vehicle to the past and a meditative source of life flow. We humans find ourselves in difficult situations as well as moments of harmonious existence, and music has a way through the discovery process whether it be lyric or melody to help oneself question, search and reconnect with themselves and others. You just need to follow the process, and you will be so happy where it takes you. Music is a connector, music is a healer.

Read the entire, insightful interview with one of the most interesting minds in music, Ed Roman, on the Junior’s Cave Website.

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