Ed Roman Guests On Art Sees Diner Radio Show This Tuesday

untitled (27 of 309)This Tuesday night at 9pm ET, indie rock singer/songwriter, Ed Roman will be bringing his wit and wistdom to the Art Sees Diner radio show. This is a rescheduled interview from earlier this month. Ed will join host, Mary LaLuna for an in-depth conversation about what makes this musical mind tick. Ed will share some music from his new album, Letters from High Latitudes, as well as give the fans some insight into the method to his musical madness. Tune in LIVE at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/artseesdiner. Mary LaLuna and Steve Champagne are the voices of Art Sees Diner, a virtual diner, highlighting writers, musicians and artists from around the world. Past guests include AJ Croce, Josey Milner, Amy Rose and Susan Day.

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