Amy Rose Leaps 10, Enters Music Row Top 90; Josey Milner Up 4

music rowThe good news just keeps on rolling in for MTS Management Group’s female country artists, Amy Rose and Josey Milner: The Music Row Country Breakout Chart for weekending April 5, 2013 is out, and after several weeks at #98, Amy’s single, “I Just Want You To Know” jumps 10 spots to land at #88, while Josey’s single, “Not Pretty Enough” climbs 4 to #108. Here’s the inside scoop:

Amy Rose has been holding steady at #98 for the last few weeks, despite gaining spins every week. This week’s 11 spin gain puts Amy is a virtual tie with Katie Armiger (#89, “Playin’ With Fire) and only 4 spins behind JB and the Moonshine Band (#87, “The Only Drug.) Amy’s only 8 spots away from making the published chart, so let’s all request “I just Want You To Know” on country radio everywhere!

Josey Milner has been enjoying steady spin gains and station adds over the past couple of weeks, and this week, she climbs from #112 to #108, landing just behind Susan Ashton (#107, “Love is Alive”) and a couple ahead of Train with Ashley Monroe (#110, “Bruises.”) Could a trip to the Top 100 be far behind? Keep your requests going to country radio for “Not Pretty Enough.”

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