Western Avenue: The Country Music Notes Interview

havelock 11Recently, Nikki English of Nashville Universe Award-winning band, Western Avenue sat for an interview with Country Music Notes. Here’s what the writer had to say: “Perhaps The Band Perry and Lady A should kindly step aside. We all love both of these groups dearly, but there is always room for one more trio. Western Avenue has got what it takes to prove that much.” Read an excerpt from the interview:

CMN: How did you come up with your band name?
Nikki English: It’s actually a street we used to jam on. I was just laying in bed one night and thought that would make a cool band name, playing country with crossover. And then Matt had that exact same idea. We thought it was funny and stuck with it.

CMN: What keeps you driving forward as a group?
NE: The main thing is the love for it. It’s something we’ve each been passionate about since day one. I grew up listening to my dad sing and play piano and it’s stuck with me since I was a little girl. Same with Keith. His dad sang and played the guitar. We all just had it our whole lives. Our love for it is the biggest thing.

Read the full interview on the Country Music Notes website!

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