Marshall Dane Tells The Story Behind His Recording Of “Alcohol Abuse”

alcohol abuse cover4Renowned music journalist, Markos Papadatos, who recently celebrated his 2000th published article, chatted briefly with Canadian singer/songwriter, Marshall Dane. That interview/article is now published on

“Country music singer Marshall Dane chatted about his newest single “Alcohol Abuse” and he opened up about the story behind the song. Dane shared that about four years ago, he played at a country music club and at the end of the night, he remembers the the bouncers were helping to clean it up. ‘One of them dropped a bottle and someone yelled out ‘alcohol abuse.’ I have spent a lot of time playing the late night clubs where you get to see some of the funny antics that take place. Spilling drinks is definitely one that has always stuck out in my head,’ he recalled.”

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