German Actor, Musician And Entrepreneur Stuart Styron Talks About “A Leaving Reality Production” And More

Stuart_StyronStuart Styron is an actor, musician and entrepreneur from Germany.  With more than 20 albums worth of recorded material, Styron has created his own record label and company, A Leaving Reality Production, as a vehicle to release his work, including the album, Visaplanet. His latest album is Humaniac. Styron took the time to talk about the album’s title, his company, and more.

MTS: How are you, Mr. Styron?
STUART STYRON: I`m fine. Thank you.

MTS: We heard that you have your own Company/Record Label, ” A Leaving Reality Production”. You made some Headlines. Tell us more about it.
SS: Yes, I own a record label. An important step to manifest my archive “faster”. “A Leaving Reality Production” is now an official company, not only a record label. We already manifested our first hardware, “Visaplanet”. It is now available in every important music online shop. But we are not alone; we are in cooperation with Timezone and Recordjet.

MTS: What is the meaning behind “A Leaving Reality Production”?
SS: “A Leaving Reality Production” stands for inspiration, creativity, fantasy and more – all in all in a positive light. Everybody is leaving the reality every day. If you are thinking about something, or have a vision, or you are drinking your coffee in the morning and relaxing, for example.. – in that second or minute you are not in the reality. You understand? Yes, of course, you do.

MTS: Where do most of your fans live?
SS: I don`t know. At the end of a month, there is a statistic, and there are listed, people from the whole world. On Facebook, we can see that there are also lots from our town in Germany, but they just visiting to spy on my work, I think (laughing). I don`t care at the end who loves or hates my art. I have to do what I have to do.

MTS: You started out as a mechanic, and then a geriatric nurse. What made you decide to be an actor and musician?
SS: Working as a mechanic is okay, but working in a factory is not really inspiring and makes, at the end, no sense. Working as a geriatric nurse make sense. That work inspired me much more and took me to the next step. It was the acting school.

MTS: You’ve written many songs. Is there one in particular that you feel is your “masterpiece” and why?
SS: My favourites are definitely all “Improvi-sensationals”. Tracks from “Styronia” are my favourites.. Those melodies are pure music channeled from myself.

MTS: Tell us about your new album, Humaniac. It sounds very interesting.
SS: “Humaniac” is from my archive. It is a pure electronic album with a “soundtrack” character. “Human” + “Maniac” = “Humaniac.” I don`t have to explain the theme. Music for adults.

MTS: What other plans are coming up?
SS: We are planning to build an “animal protection organization”. There are some points in our world I can`t accept. And of course, we will go on and on with manifesting my archive. The most important thing is to be in the “National Library” of Frankfurt and Leipzig. All material will be archived for eternity. Life is short. I must leave footprints.

SS: Thank you for your questions and interest. Goodbye.
MTS: You bet, Stuart! Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with us. Best of luck to you!

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