Find Out Josey Milner’s Celeb Crush In Home Sweet Country Interview!

CD Cover 4Country “cowgirl” Josey Milner was recently interviewed by Home Sweet Country. In the candid interview, Josey talks about her latest single, her favorite tv shows to watch and her celebrity crush! Here’s an excerpt:

HSC: What do you love most about the country music genre?
JOSEY: “What I love the most is that there is a song for every situation that could ever happen. Sure there are the songs about tractors or beer, but there are also those moving songs about loss, miracles, and happy endings. It is just a genre that has a song that everyone can relate to.”

HSC: Who would be on your dream tour?
JOSEY: “Me, Miranda Lambert, and George Strait. Miranda and George are my all time favorite country music artists. George is obviously the King of country music because he has had so many number one singles and has so any fans. Plus, he’s just an amazing person all the way around. Miranda I think is just amazing period. Like George, she is always releasing great songs and she does not care what people think about her. They are both artists that I think will always have a well known name in the industry.”


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