Doug Briney On IMN Country Chart, NMW Reporters

Everyone here at MTS Management would like to congratulate our Alaskan Cowboy Doug Briney on the recent success of his “More Than Just a Farm” single.  The track is climbing several indie charts, including the Independent Music Network country chart, which is a fan voting-based chart.  The single comes in at #26 this week, after reaching as high as #16 last week.  To vote for Doug, please visit, and look for “Doug Briney-More Than Just a Farm” under the “Vote for Country Chart” tab.

Doug is also turning up on the playlist of several New Music Weekly reporting stations, including Wide Music and Real Country Radio.  The latter broadcasts out of Japan, has “More Than Just a Farm” among its Top 100 tracks (#98.)  Doug comes in just ahead of Justin Haigh and his new track, “People Like Me.”  Please keep your requests going to radio.  We’ll have more up-to-date news as we get it.

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