CD Review: Nathan Mathes – “Anajune Rival”

NATH8Nathan Mathes – Anajune Rival


Alt-Folk-Indie-Rock singer-songwriter Nathan Mathes comes across in each of his albums with a concise, controlled, work that he has taken the lead to steer into the direction he dictates it to go. Upon reading his ‘home’ page on his website, Nathan reminds those of us who are not the typical clock punchers that the only possibly to remain so is to take complete control over our own creative destinies. Never leaving what we love or cherish in the dirt to be trodden over, nor handed over to someone with grungy hands to mar what is so precious to us. Some might think Nathans calculative ways of creating his own music to be a bit controlling or even OCD, yet when you read about his structure then listen to his music you come away understanding more about him as an artist and what his soul pays heed to. This gift Nathan brings to life is now once again given to his fans, his latest album release Anajune Rival is absolutely breathtaking. Quite a remarkable work of art and the delegations of the process lie solely upon Nathan up to the assistance on mixing with Andy Thiele and the mastering compilation in the hands of Justin Perkins at the Mystery Room Mastering.

What is this breed of artist who takes such in-depth, almost microscopic at times, approach to all they create? The music industry is certainly finding more and more artists taking control of their own music destinies and are that much happier for it. As the industry has changed in this new age of YouTube, Streaming, Social Media so has the process of one’s own destiny chosen to create and share their love with others. Developing a fan base that is more grassroots quite possibly, connected on a relatively higher spiritual level, that is a gift.

Nathan certainly is not a newcomer to the recording industry having several albums proceeding this one, but what strikes the listener the most is ability to mix a vocal of melodies so delightfully together. From his decision back in 2010 to go solo and release American Whitecaps, Nathan has taken on a fundamental element of independence in his genre, his latest release certainly once again showcases Nathans determination and capability. Anajune Rival is a lovely mixture of instruments and vocals blended as only he is capable and so willing to do. There is no mystery to what Nathan creates, it is his baby, his child, this independent creating of indie-folk and rock sound. Without a doubt Nathan Mathes has shown once again that a home-recordists, mulch-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter can do exactly what they have meant to do all along… create their own truth onto an album. Music isn’t necessarily always about going into a big expensive studio, having a producer and label dress you/contain you/shape you into their vision- for some that may work, but for those of independent minds like, Nathan, their spirit of freedom wields a classical tale of finding one’s own truth and a way of preserving that happiness onto or into recorded sounds.

 Anajune Rival spins eleven melodic tracks of the heart and soul sounds given only the honor of indie-folk artists. Each song its own tale, one song an instrumental, and all songs are Nathan Mathes.


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