Bryan Cole Climbs Music Row Chart

Hey everyone, we’re just checking in with another weekly radio update on Bryan’s single, “Love Doesn’t Live Here.”  Even though it gained 60 more spins over last week’s number, the track remained at #38 on the New Music Weekly chart.  HOWEVER, on the Music Row Breakout Chart, the single leaped 12 spots from #134 last week to #122!!!  ”Love Doesn’t Live Here” comes in ahead of the Lionel Richie/Blake Shelton duet, “You Are” at #134 and Trailer Choir at #132 with “Love Me First.”  ”We’ve got a lot of stations just waiting to jump all over this single,” says Michael Stover, MTS Management.  ”It’s only a matter of time before we start climbing onto the published Top 80 chart.  Please keep requesting it!”  Have a great weekend, all!!

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