Belgium’s Roots Time Reviews The Latest CDs From Doug Briney And Marshall Dane

MD_OneOfTheseDaysAlbumCover-274x274Country music site, Roots Time, based in Belgium, recently reviewed the latest releases from Doug Briney (Super Country Cowboy) and Marshall Dane (One Of These Days.) Although the reviews lose something in the English translation, the reviews for both were positive:

Marshall Dane’s One Of These Days – “The international release of “One Of These Days” took place in late February 2014 and will hopefully soon earn him the target of international recognition for the music he brings to this album exudes international class and should be able to bring him eventually to Europe some live performances in our region.”

super country cowboy cover medDoug Briney’s Super Country Cowboy – “As a patriotic American and as a father of a soldier who serves in the U.S. Air Force, he can obviously not fail to make the album closing track “Unknown Soldier”. Nationalist anthem Doug Briney proves with this second album that he is a capable country singer and songwriter is a handsome and so probably here to stay in this music genre.”

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