Xander Demos: The Music Legends Interview (Part 2)

xander guitar 2Premiere shred metal guitarist, Xander Demos was interviewed by Jason Saulnier of Music Legends last year. Xander and Jason caught up with each other again, for a follow up conversation. Here’s an excerpt:

Music Legends: How many hours in a day do you put on the guitar and what do you enjoy doing?
Xander Demos: I usually try to play at least 1-2 hours a day and during that time I will write riffs and see how they come together. If over a small period of time I have something that works, I fire up my ProTools rig and start recording scratch tracks. Other than that, I’m pretty boring – I so don’t live the “rock star” life, haha.

Music Legends: What are you currently endorsing?
Xander Demos: Suhr, Conklin and McNaught Guitars; Intex Cables; Matrix Amplification; Fractal Audio Systems; Rock N Roll Gangstar Apparel; Mission Pedals; Lampifier Microphones; JH Audio In-ear monitors; EMG Pickups; FU Tone; and V-Picks.

Read more at http://musiclegends.ca/interviews/xander-demos-interview-2014/#Tdd6x9qdXm20ixeT.99

Jason Saulnier is an Independent Radio Show Host and Interviewer for over 15 years on FM radio in Canada & online, “Good Time Metal Oldies” & “Jason Saulnier Interviews Legends” shows. He interviews on average over 100 music industry people & bands each year, with each person interviewed having some notability. His YouTube channel at http://www.youtube.com/gtmo has over one million views in total. 1,124,397 views.

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