Xander Demos Will Open For Lizzy Borden This April In Pittsburgh, PA

lizzyJUST ANNOUNCED: Xander Demos and his band will be opening for ’80s shock-rock icon, Lizzy Borden on Friday, April 26th at Dead Horse Cantina in McKees Rocks, PA. This show will be a part of Xander’s solo debut tour in support of his album, Guitarcadia, which was recently given an Honorable Mention as one of 2012’s Best Albums, by Hair Metal Mansion. The tour will take him throughout the US mid-atlantic and east coast regions. Tickets to the Lizzy Borden show are $17 in advance, and they will be available for only $15 from Xander’s store at www.xanderdemos.bigcartel.com, with multiple ticket and ticket/cd specials available. This is the second time that Xander has opened for Lizzy Borden. He first opened for him in Greensburg, PA in 2011.

In a career spanning 28 years, Lizzy Borden was created in 1983 in Hollywood California. Spitting venom, stage blood and dripping grease paint while breathing life into bizarre characters bred precisely for the stage. Theme oriented creations such as; Love You to Pieces (1985) Menace to Society (1986) Visual Lies (1987) Master of Disguise (1989) Best Of (1994) Deal with the Devil (2000) and Appointment with Death (2008) forever cemented icon status to the master showman from the dawn of heavy metal.

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