Xander Demos And Band Win 8 Iron City Rocks Awards, Including Best Guitarist, Best Prog Band

XDB logo photoMTS Management Group would like to congratulate their client, Xander Demos and his bandmembers in XDB, on their 8 Iron City Rocks Pittsburgh Music Awards. Xander and his band led all nominees this year, with 12 total nominations. After being nominated for 3 years running, Xander was named Best Guitarist. His band members were each voted “Best” in their respective instrument categories: Jeff Anzelone (Best Drummer, 2nd win;) Jeff Morris (Best Keyboards;) Mario Brescia (Best Vocalist, 2nd win;) and H. Dan Bozym (Best Bassist.) The band won for Best Song, “Dancing Through Daggers” and Best Progressive Band. Xander was also voted into the Iron City Rocks Hall Of Fame, along with Norman Nardini and Anti-Flag.

iron city rocks xdbFive nominees in each category were voted on by fans from around the world, with the nominee receiving the most votes being named the winner. Winners were announced on the Iron City Rocks website and facebook page. A complete list of winners is available at www.ironcityrocks.com.

“I wanted to say ‘thank you’ to the friends and family that voted for myself and XDB in all of the categories that we were nominated for this year,” said Xander. “We are honored to have been nominated and humbled to have won. I wanted to take a moment to extend an additional ‘thank you’ to a few people as well. First of all, the award for Best Song needs to also be shared with Benjamin Chiarini and Adam Heusey because they were the players on the ‘Dancing Through Daggers’ recording along with me, Jeff Anzelone and Mario Brescia…. and they were supportive in the early days of us getting out and playing. They both have jaw-dropping talent and I am so grateful for their contributions. Also, winning best Progressive Band is a thrill for us and I would like to thank Adam again for being there.. but also Chris Batton, Matt Williams and Christopher Free who also helped XDB out in the beginning. Again, all talented guys, and they gave generously, and I am thankful for their loyalty.”

Xander Demos is a metal guitarist, based in Pittsburgh, PA. His debut album, Guitarcadia was named among the Best of 2012 by several publications. Most recently, he has performed in Pittsburgh, with XDB, opening for acts like Dio Disciples, Adrenaline Mob, Symphony X, and Buckethead, and nationally at Skull Fest, Wolf Fest, NAMM Metal Jam and Rock Harvest II. Xander has recorded and performed with Ged Rylands’ Rage of Angels, Liberty ‘N’ Justice, Modern Superstar, James Rivera, Sabbath Judas Sabbath, and many others. XDB will open for Metal Church on March 7th in Pittsburgh.

Iron City Rocks is a nationally recognized podcast from the “Iron City” of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, that brings you the biggest and best interviews in Metal, Rock and Blues. Recent guests on the show include Billy Sheehan, Eddie Money, Joe Satriani, James Labrie, Aaron Lewis, Phil Anselmo and Viv Campbell.

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