Western Avenue’s Nikki English And Jiggley Jones Featured On Musician’s Friend Website

the hubNikki English from the Canadian country trio, Western Avenue and Americana singer/songwriter, Jiggley Jones were recently interviewed for the Musician’s Friend website blog, The Hub. Both artists talked a bit about their career and what they look for when selecting a microphone for live performance. Here is an excerpt from both of their conversations:

THE HUB: Which song do you wish you would have written?
JIGGLEY JONES: That would probably be “Old Man” by Neil Young.

THE HUB: What advice could you give someone just starting out in the business?
NIKKI ENGLISH: Practice. Make sure you know your songs inside out and backwards. Then get out and play as much as you can. It’s good not just for exposure, but for more practice in front of an audience. We played a regular gig at a pub for 2 years and it was the best thing for us. It brought us together and gave us the chemistry that we have today.

Check out the entire feature at http://thehub.musiciansfriend.com/artist-interviews/vocal-about-it-wise-words-from-singers.

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