Nikki From Western Avenue On Music Friday Live

havelock15This Friday at 2pm ET, Western Avenue‘s leading lady, Nikki English will be stopping by “Music Friday Live” to promote the group’s latest single and video, “Wherever You Are.” Nikki is also promoting the band’s Nashville Universe Awards nomination. So, tune in to hear Nikki LIVE at

MUSIC FRIDAY is where “we listen to music, interview bands and get ready for the weekend. What music and what artists are on Music Friday? We love all kinds of music – rock, folk, pop, hip-hop, country western, Americana, indie – you name it. In fact, you do name it because the Music Friday Nation picks the bands. You tell us who you would like to hear and talk with and we try to get them here for you. They can be really well-known or just emerging with their first EP or album.”

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