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Singer, Songwriter And Musician Ryan Pennatune Talks “Recess” And More

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ryan pennatuneWe had a conversation with Detroit, MI singer, songwriter, and musician, Ryan Pennatune, to chat about his latest EP release, Recess.  Ryan talked about his growing up in the Motor City, the recording process, and his penchant for take out food:

MTS: You grew up in Detroit, MI, and wrote your first song at age 7.  How do you think growing up in Motor City influenced you as an artist and songwriter?

RYAN PENNATUNE: I’d love to give a profound answer here but if I am being completely honest, I don’t feel like where I grew up influenced me one way or the other. Detroit does have a rich musical history and working class mentality that could have influenced me in some way but I’ve always kind of lived inside of my own head. I feel like wherever I grew up, I would be in the same spot I’m in now. Read More

Country Chart-topper Madelyn Victoria Wins Akademia Award For Best Country Song

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akademiaChart-topping country singer/songwriter, Madelyn Victoria grew up in the deep south of Texas, in Harlingen, performing in public for the first time, during a local Christmas Pageant, at age 5. She continued performing and singing throughout her youth, at local competitions and pageants, earning awards and recognition as one of the area’s top young performers. Her songwriting career began at the age of 13, after becoming the lead vocalist at her church.  In 2007, Madelyn competed in the Modeling Association of America International Competition and Convention in New York, where she won the vocal competition, singing Sara Evans’ “Real Fine Place to Start.” That same year, Madelyn auditioned to perform with the Radio Disney Superstars of Dallas, was selected, and opened for pop boy band sensation, The Jonas Brothers.  In high school, Madelyn studied both Opera and Mariachi, winning accolades in both categories, all the while honing her guitar skills. In December of 2012, Madelyn performed in Las Vegas (Planet Hollywood and at the NFR Rodeo) as the Shania Twain Sing-Off Contest Winner. Read More

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes TV Host And Singer Joey Canyon; Will Announce Official Nominees For W&C Awards

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive one-on-one interview with RFD-TV show host and country singer/songwriter, Joey Canyon.  Mr. Canyon joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about his career highlights and his hosting “The Joey Canyon Show.”  DJ Nik will also be announcing the Official Nominees for the 2nd Annual Whiskey and Cigarettes Awards.

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German Actor, Composer And Chief of “A Leaving Reality Production” Stuart Styron Returns To Talk “Humaniac” And Upcoming Releases

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12795202_1086500541371631_1817714220043816165_oWe were recently contacted by Stuart Styron’s people, that some meetings like ours must and has been cancelled by Styron himself.. We thought, rather than review the album, we would have a more in-depth conversation with the incredible artist, to follow up on the interview we recently conducted. Later we got the chance to talk on telephone about his actual work situation. Here is what Styron had to tell us, about this, and his upcoming releases:

“I am releasing material from the past 10 years. When I come to the final decision to release it, I want it to sound fresh. We have already released 2 more digital albums this year, and 2 more albums are on the way. The cds will be available very soon. If someone is thinking, that there is a difference between a major label and us…Yes, of course. My compositions are done by a hard-working fanatic We can`t wait..I don’t want to do things the regular way. The most important thing is to put out the music on cds. Later after our marathon of releasing, that will be the time for album reviews and talking about every single. My system works, because of the timeless compositions. Exciting!

“The collection will speak to many people all over the world. Because every album has its own spectacular theme. Talking about every single album will always be a sensation. My compositions are unusual and “needs” some information, before people can understand the ghost in the notes.’

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“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes Hit Country Singer/Songwriter, Kelly Lang

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive one-on-one interview with hit country singer/songwriter, Kelly Lang.  Ms. Lang joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about her career highlights, and her most recent album release, Throwback, featuring Olivia Newton-John, Lee Greenwood, and Paul Shaffer from David Letterman‘s Late Night Band.

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Ed Roman Releases Veterans Benefit Video Featuring Award Winning Artists From Around The Globe

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Ed Roman Digital Art Cover (1)It started with an idea…to help his fellow man by creating art that would touch people’s hearts and souls, inviting them to “pay it forward…”  That idea became a song…”Lay One Down” was released on Veterans Day 2015, as a benefit for Heart Songs For Veterans.  That song became an Interactive Global Music Video Initiative, with award-winning artists from around the world coming together over a period of two months, to contribute their time and talents to Ed Roman’s “Lay One Down” music video. Read More

CD Review: Justin DiFebbo – Skin and Bones

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Justin DiFebbo – Skin and Bones

URL: http://www.justindifebbo.com/

 It’s good to know there’s still a place in the hearts and minds of music fans for the sort of songs Justin DiFebbo writes. We hear it our entire lives that pop music is disposable, it’s a meaningless trash art, and it’s incapable of making substantive musical statements. All of that is true if you want it to be. You can pander. You can write to the lowest common denominator and rehash formulas without rhyme or reason chasing after the bucks. Pop music, rock, any genre, has always been capable of much more. It’s about your talent and what you will settle for. Justin DiFebbo’s debut Turn Out the Light, Turn on the Stereo established him as a major new performing and songwriting talent capable of breaking out nationally, if not globally. His second album Skin and Bones is a ten song set that cements him as an artist who will not settle. This collection is a winner. Read More

In The Steel Of The Night: ‘Hair I Go Again’ Announces Pittsburgh Screening – Filmmaker To Host Movie Premiere Event.

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higa pittsburghHair I Go Again, a documentary about the determinations, triumphs and failures of a former hair band chasing their dreams, concludes the 1st leg of its U.S. Film Tour with an exclusive screening in Pittsburgh, PA Thursday May 5, 2016. Read More

“Whiskey And Cigarettes Show” Welcomes Top 10 Billboard Chart Artist Bertie Higgins

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whiskey&cigarettes_banner transparentWhiskey and Cigarettes Country Radio Show is happy to announce the airing of their exclusive one-on-one interview with Top 10 Billboard chart artist, Bertie Higgins. Mr. Higgins joined award-winning host, DJ Nik Bernitz Pizzigoni to talk about his career highlights, including “Key Largo,” and latest album release, Gold From My Treasure Chest.
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